19 November 2008

The Troll Stirs In His Lair

An Intro To Cave Troll

 In Cave Troll, players must maneuver their heroes through the dungeon in an effort to seize the most possible treasure. The player who has the most gold at the end of the game wins! PLAYERS2-4 players each will have control of 16 heroes and monsters. THE DUNGEONThe dungeon is made up of rooms, entrance areas, and pits. Rooms are where the treasure is to be found - each room has a gold value, ranging from one to five, representing the amount of treasure available for the taking in that room. Entrance areas are staircases down from the world above, and are the areas where heroes will appear over the course of the game. The three dark and deadly pits are where the monsters will emerge from the depths, thirsting for hero blood! Doors and walls define which paths heroes and monsters can follow. GAMEPLAYAt the beginning of the game, each player has one card in his hand and no figures on the board. Over each turn, a player may take up to four actions, including moving monsters and heroes on the board, activating special powers of characters and artifacts, and drawing and playing cards. THE CARDSCards come in three varieties: Hero Cards, Monster Cards, and Event Cards. Each of the players has her own deck, so paying attention to which cards your opponents have already played can be an important part of your strategy. Hero Cards allow you to place a hero figure on an entrance area of your choice. They also summarize the special abilities of that character for your convenience. Monster cards allow you to place a monster figure on any pit you choose (except for the cave troll, who can appear anywhere he likes - are you going to argue?). Like hero cards, they also summarize the special powers and abilities of the monster in question. Event cards can cause rooms to be scored (yielding gold to their controller), treasure chests to be found (increasing the gold value of a given room), or artifacts to be discovered. Artifacts have powerful game effects or can be saved for their gold value.

 ROOMS AND SCORINGPeriodically throughout the game, rooms will be scored throughout the dungeon. When this happens, each room gives its value in gold to the player who has the most heroes present in it (tied rooms are not scored). Since room scoring is semi-predictable in nature (being triggered by accumulation of cards in a special discard pile), there will often be very fierce jockeying for control of a room - using wraiths, orcs, knights, and anything else a player can manage! ENDING AND WINNING THE GAMEOnce a player has drawn the last card of his deck, the game is over. The player who ended the game receives 3 bonus gold, all players received bonus gold for unused artifacts, and the player with the most gold is the winner!

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