19 November 2008

The Count Returns

An Intro To Fury of Dracula

Fury of Dracula pits the deductive skill and dogged tenacity of four mortal Hunters against the immortal cunning and fiendish power of the Un-Dead Count. The Hunters have the benefit of experience, being the only human beings alive who have fought a vampire and prevailed. Dracula has countless minions, supernatural abilities, and infinite patience - after all, time is on his side ...Originally released in 1987 by Games Workshop, Fury of Dracula has become a beloved classic. This new edition features streamlined, modernized mechanics, as well as updated artwork and components.Players2-5. One player takes the role of Dracula, and the other players take on the roles of Van Helsing, Lord Godalming, Dr. Seward, and Mina Harker, the mortal hunters on a quest to destroy him. GameplayOn their turn, the hunters each move from city to city on their search for the Un-Dead Count. They may travel via road, rail, or sea, traversing all of Western and Eastern Europe. Upon reaching a city, hunters search for clues to Dracula's location, and may rest (to heal damage) or resupply (to acquire new weapons and potentially-useful event cards).

On his turn, Dracula moves in secret by playing a card facedown into his trail. He also places a deadly encounter on locations he moves through, which serve both as obstacles to the Hunters and as clues to his path. As play progresses, Dracula generates a trail of up to six cards, and when Hunters move to any of those cities the cards are turned face-up - revealing critical information as to Dracula's location ... and inflicting whatever dastardly surprises the Un-Dead Count has left behind on the Hunter who dares pursue him.When Dracula and a Hunter meet, they do battle! Dracula has a complement of powers and attacks available to him dependant on whether it is day or night when they meet. The Hunters must use whatever weapons and items they have acquired on their travels - some of which may be effective against vampires, others which are only truly useful against the Count's mortal servants. Over each round of combat, players secretly select and then simultaneously reveal their combat maneuver ... will Mina Dodge the Count's Claw, or will she vainly attempt to stave off his Hypnosis with her Pistol?

VictoryThe Count earns victory points by raising Vampires, defeating Hunters, and through the simple passage of time. If he can advance his Vampire track to six before he is destroyed, he is victorious. The Hunters, for their part, have a very simple goal: destroy Dracula before time runs out.

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