19 November 2008

Piles of Penguins

An Intro To Penguin

In Penguin, you must find a place for all your penguins on the iceberg! Any leftover penguins at the end of a match will earn you penalty points. The player with the fewest penalty points is the winner! PLAYERS2-6 players of all ages. PENGUINSThe gameplay of Penguin revolves around - you guessed it! - colorful penguins! The plastic penguin figures come in four colors - red, yellow, green, and blue - and are cleverly designed for easy stacking. At the start of the game, players will draw an equal number of penguins from the game bag and hide them behind their screen so no one else will know what colors they have.GAMEPLAYOn your turn, you must place a peguin on the iceberg. The iceberg is only wide enough for eight penguins to stand side-by-side, so sooner or later the penguins will have to start standing on each others' shoulders, and penguins will only be able to stand on a penguin of the same color.


If there's no where to place any of your penguins, you are out of the game and score penalty points equal to the penguins you still have behind your screen. If you manage to play all your penguins, good job! You won't get any penguin penalty points that round. After the round is over, scoop all the penguins into the bag and play again! VICTORYA game of Penguin has as many rounds as there are players; the player with the fewest penalty points at the end of the game is the winner!

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