19 November 2008

Eggs eggs everywhere, but nary an chicken in sight!

An Intro To Rattlesnake

In RattleSnake, players try to be the first to place all of their magnetic rattlesnake eggs on the board.Players2-4 players ages 8 and up.Eggs!At the beginning of the game, divide the magnetic rattlesnake eggs among all players: six each for a two-player game, four each for a three-player game, or three each for a four-player game.GameplayOn your turn, roll the die. Place one of your rattlesnake eggs on any snake on the game board that matches the color depicted on the die. The center of the egg must rest on the snake. But be careful — the rattlesnake eggs are magnetic and will attract each other! If the eggs are placed too close to each other, they will clash!

If two or more eggs clash together, the player who caused the clash must pick up all the joined eggs. That means they'll have to get rid of that many more before they can win!

If no eggs clash, you made a good move! If the egg placed was the last one you had in your hand, you win! Otherwise, pass the die to the player on your left and the game continues.VictoryThe first player to successfully place all their eggs on the board without causing a clash wins the game!

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