19 November 2008

Dragons Return

An Intro To Blue Moon City

Set after the events of the brilliant and beautiful Blue Moon customizable card game, Blue Moon City tasks you with rebuilding the city that the struggles of the royal heirs have destroyed. You must contribute to the reconstruction of the 20 buildings that comprise Blue Moon City and reap the rewards for doing so! PLAYERS2-4. GAMEPLAYAt the start of the game, the different buildings that make up Blue Moon city are distributed around the Courtyard that forms its center. Each player begins on the Courtyard with a hand of cards representing the people who will aid her in the reconstruction of the city. On their turns, players move up to two spaces across the city, then contribute to the construction of the building they've landed on by playing cards from their hand. If, for example, a player has landed on the Water Temple, he can play Aqua (blue) cards from his hand worth 5, 4, or 3 points to place his player marker on one of the slots on the tile. If the player had enough Aqua cards left in his hand, he could play more and fill up another slot as well. Once finished building, players may discard up to two cards, and then draw more cards to add to their hands. When a building has been completed, every player who contributed to its completion is rewarded. Players might get crystal shards, golden scales, or even extra cards to add to their hand. Whichever player had the most cubes on a given building (or the left-most cube, in the case of a tie), gets an additional bonus reward. On the back side of the building is printed its Neighborhood Bonus. Any buildings that are completed adjacent to this building will award the this bonus to every player who contributed to them. As the game goes on and Blue Moon City is rebuilt, buildings become more and more valuable!

DRAGONS AND GOLDEN SCALESThe three elemental dragons will take an active interest in your progress as you help rebuild their city. The dragons can be moved about by using the special ability of certain people cards. If a player makes a contribution to a building in the presence of one of the great dragons, the dragon will gift her with one of its golden scales. When the golden scales run out, players return them to the bank in exchange for a sizable award of crystal shards! SPECIAL ABILITIESThe different peoples of Blue Moon have different abilities that can aid you in your quest. The Aqua, Terrah, and Vulca, for example, are each allied with one of the elemental dragons. Their people can often move their associated dragon to various parts of the city. The childlike Khind are always eager to chip in and can assist with any building, acting as wild cards. The Hoax can retrain peoples to help complete buildings they otherwise could not, changing the color of cards to help complete buildings. These are just a sampling of the many abilities possessed by the peoples of Blue Moon City! VICTORYAt various points during the game, players will return to the Courtyard at the center of Blue Moon City and present an offering of crystal shards. Early in the game, these offerings can be small. As the game progresses, they become more and more expensive. The first player to make five offerings is the winner!

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