16 October 2008

Vulkan Battlesuit

Unit Preview

Cartel Info File: 007 Unit Designation: "Vulcan Battlesuit" Faction: Bauhaus

Field Notes: One of our agents was able to analyze secret Bauhaus design documents from House Richthausen's Vulkan Konstructions Co. in order to provide some key intel on the walking juggernaut known as the Vulkan Battlesuit. Here's what he discovered about the background, capabilities, and potential weaknesses of this amazingly successful Bauhaus combat platform:

  • Vulkan Battlesuits represent a modification of the VK221 Heavy Load-lifter, formerly used for construction projects by House Richthausen.
  • These construction machines have had MG-90 Mounted Machine Guns grafted onto one of their load-lifter arms as well as a coating of high-grade armor.
  • This premium armor is extremely difficult to penetrate making these weapons perfect for facing down massive amounts of enemy firepower.
  • The other arm has been outfitted with an extremely strong hydraulic fist which provides Vulkan Battlesuits with a very effective melee deterrent, frequently damaging enemy foes so badly that it may take them some time to return to the fray, if ever.
  • When enemy combatants ARE able to punch through their armor, the soldiers inside are reasonably vulnerable. This may be their only weakness - that and their larger size — but for such a powerful battlefield unit, they're almost unfairly nimble.

Our agent's final conclusion, overall, was to be very cautious in combat situations involving this hardy machine and focus on targeting weak spots in their armor.

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