16 October 2008

Venusian Ranger Sergeant

Unit Preview

Cartel Info File: 026 Unit Designation: "Venusian Ranger Sergeant" Faction: Bauhaus

Field Notes: We've retrieved this battlefield assessment of the Venusian Ranger Sergeants' capabilities from The Forge — it sheds some light on their strengths and tactical leanings.

Battlefield Unit Assessed: Venusian Rangers Unit Rank: Sergeant

Combat Abilities: Venusian Ranger Sergeants hit hard and adapt quickly. It's that simple. Their version of the famous AG-17 Panzerknacker Rifle has been crafted with the highest-quality parts and undergone more rigorous QA inspections than those of their comrades, leading to exceptionally accuracy and the ability to snap-fire a quick chaser shot after their initial shot, to account for any last-minute targeting changes. They appear as well-armored as their superiors and can withstand a solid amount of damage in a firefight. Our overall assessment is that these are well-rounded, sharp-shooting, adaptable (there's that word again) soldiers, able to take orders and hand them out just as easily, while dishing out their own fair share of damage.

Tactical Acumen: The key distinguishing feature of any Venusian Ranger Sergeant appears to be a preternatural ability to take advantage of a tactical situation and adapt quickly to changing combat orders. They just seem to get more done than other units given a similar goal or target. This makes them the ideal soldier to fill the gaps between the rank and file Venusian Rangers (if ANY Venusian Ranger could be considered merely "rank and file") and their higher-ranking Kapitans.

[Click here for a 360-degree turnaround image]

Final Thoughts: As part of the trifecta of Venusian Rangers, the Sergeant is probably the most dangerous "pure combatant" - able to deal damage in spades while adjusting to rapid situational changes. They're to be both feared and respected. Any opponent foolhardy enough to take them and their fellow warriors lightly will surely pay a steep price in both manpower and tactical losses.

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