16 October 2008

Mortificator Master

Unit Preview

Cartel Info File: 024 Unit Designation: "Mortificator Master" Faction: Brotherhood

Field Notes: Of all the files and data we possess on the Brotherhood's most deadly class of assassin — the Mortificator Master — nothing captures the essence of who they are and what they're capable of doing better than this simple yet frightening Brotherhood children's rhyme, created to scare naughty children into better behavior:

"Not the Sun or Moon, the Sun or Moon, Nor the Sea and Stars or the men from Mars, Can save you, too, when he comes for you. When he comes for you.
If you're Evil, oh really evil, If you're bad, so very bad, It's too late; you've made his slate, 'Cause you've made him mad, so very mad
It's your doom, your lonely doom, It's your fate, your only fate Your only hope, yes, your only hope, Is that he's running late, so very late!
When he's on his way, really on his way, You can run and play, run and play, Ignore the day or stay away, But when he rolls the dice, his price you'll pay.
You won't hear a sound, not a peep, In your room, in your room he'll creep, And bring you down, so far down, In death you'll sleep, so fast asleep."
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