16 October 2008

Mitch Hunter

Unit Preview

Cartel Info File: 008 Unit Designation: "Mitch Hunter" Faction: Capitol

Field Notes: The following interview was granted by a long-time Sea-Lion trooper (he has requested that his name be withheld, so for this interview we'll be calling him "Zeb") who has repeatedly served under and fought with Mitch Hunter, one of the Capitol Megacorporation's most respected and admired warriors.

Agent: "How long have you known Mitch Hunter?"

Zeb: "Oh now, let's see… about ten years, nine of that combat-related."

Agent: "How would you describe Mitch Hunter's leadership style?"

Zeb: (with a smile) "Well, he does what's right, regardless of the consequences, I can tell ya that. His men know that he always has their best interests at heart, that's something else I can tell ya. You know, as I recall, he's never had even a single soldier buck his command or orders. Guess that says it all about his leadership, ya think?"

Agent: "I guess. What would you say his battlefield strengths are?"

Zeb: "Ah, there we have it… wondered when you Cartel types would come asking about that. Well, let's see then. He moves faster than you'd believe and there be plenty of squads who expected their superior numbers to give them a leg up on defeating the famous Mitch Hunter only to find their entire group wounded, dying, or dead after facing him. He's also a notorious for having a keen eye on Recon — his abilities in that regard make units under his command seem to be able to do more, if ya catch my meaning? He's a cagey one, that lad. I've not quite seen anyone like 'im anywhere."

Agent: "Impressive. Is he physically imposing or would you say his talents are more cerebral in nature?"

Zeb: (laughs) "Oh, well truth be told it's a little of both, I suppose. He's an extremely healthy, hardy soul — he's taken his share of combat wounds but he's never come close to perishing in the field, far from it, in fact."

Zeb: "Well is that it for now?"

Agent: "For now? (brief pause) Yes, you may go."

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