16 October 2008

Martian Banshee Hero

Unit Preview

Cartel Info File: 016 Unit Designation: "Martian Banshee Hero" Faction: Capitol

Field Notes:A Capitol informant, who wishes to remain unnamed, provided us with this first-hand account of a doomed assault by a Martian Banshee Hero:

"Basically the Dark Legion had captured a small border village and were methodically (and brutally) executing the survivors of their assault, be they men, women, or children - none were given special mercy. I'll grant you that their ilk doesn't know the meaning of the word "mercy" but you'd think that with their objective achieved, they'd leave well enough alone. Nope. Not those bloodthirsty beasts. I'll not forget the sound of those screams for as long as I draw breath. <shudders>


"Anyway, I'd been knocked out of the original skirmish from a nearby concussive blast and lay buried but safely hidden under some debris so I heard and partially saw the whole thing. One minute a family was shrieking for their lives in the face of both a huge Bio-Giant and a Tekron Warmaster, the next a shrill-whine pierced the air and one of those hell-bent Martian Banshee soldiers smashes clean through the Bio-Giant, leaving nothing but a pale bloody miasma in the air and bits of flesh everywhere. Disgusting? Yes. Satisfying? You bet. Those bastards deserve nothing less. <spitting>

"The Martian Banshee Hero, yes, that's what I called him, seemed entirely fearless despite the odds being nearly ten to one, demons to good guy. His RP-187 Rocket Pack made him incredibly nimble in the air as he dodged a claw swipe here, a laser blast there, and slowly but surely wiped out every demon, save one — a bloated Tekron Warmaster. The Tekron somehow latched onto this soldier with one of his necro-tendrils and slammed him to the ground, destroying his Rocket Pack in the process. As the Banshee Hero stumbled to his feet, I noticed him speaking softly into a portion of his helmet not damaged in the recent crash. I fully expected him to dive for cover and play keep away from the Warmaster but surprisingly, he raced straight at certain doom and, cursing the Dark Legion as he ran, sprang at the Tekron, M50 Assault Rifle blazing. Of course it didn't take long for that monster to end his life and it appeared that the originally endangered family was doomed after all, despite the heroic attack. But as the Tekron once again rushed forward to rend these humans, two more Martian Banshee Heroes appeared out of nowhere and joined the battle. Now Tekron Warmasters aren't known for being push-overs but these two Martian warriors ended his disgusting life faster than anything I'd ever seen and don't think I wasn't thankful for that, either.

"They didn't stick around to help anyone else either, they just zoomed skyward to find more combat. They're crazy like that - they don't care about their own welfare? They seek revenge at all costs, even their own lives. And that's as much as I can tell you."

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