16 October 2008

Keeper of the Art

Unit Preview

Cartel Info File: 006 Unit Designation: "Keeper of the Art" Faction: Brotherhood

Field Notes: As mysterious an organization as the Brotherhood is, in general, the Keepers of the Art are even more cryptic. For raw devastating ability, Keepers of the Art rank near the top of the scale, wielding frighteningly large amounts of Channeling power. Cartel units in their battlefield vicinity are well-advised to withdraw until such activities have been resolved. Records reveal that many battles come to a complete halt when the presence of a Keeper of the Art is made known as Brotherhood foes sue for immediate peace. Whether this is entirely due to their potential for vast destruction or from the fear and mystery surrounding them, is unknown.

Even their lower-level abilities, such as the ability to inspire their comrades to new levels of destructive efficiency, are welcomed by Brotherhood battle units and their built-in armor makes them difficult to destroy. If an attack could somehow successfully reach them and penetrate their protective gear, they are easily defeated, which is one of their known weaknesses. One particular potent method for handling a Keeper of the Art is to target their Power Stabilizers — these devices assist Keepers in maintaining proper power levels while Channeling during combat. Without this gadget, Keepers have been known to literally explode from the huge input of arcane energy coursing through them! Despite these soft-spots, no enemy dare feel safe or secure if a Keeper of the Art is unleashed upon them.

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