16 October 2008

KA-67 Great Grey Scout

Unit Preview

Cartel Info File: 004 Unit Designation: "KA 67 Great Grey Scout" Faction: Capitol

Field Notes: No Megacorporation's army is complete without Recon units and Capitol's highly mobile, fast-striking combat organization is no exception. To that end, Shark Systems Inc., (Capitol's chief mobile armor manufacturer), has developed the lightning-quick KA 67 Great Grey Scout primarily for dangerous military survey expeditions as well as occasional light transport duties. Armed with the M-99 Mounted HMG, the KA 67 Great Grey Scout is more than capable of racing to the desired scouting location, acquiring the required mission data, dropping off its payload, and escaping relatively unscathed — even in fairly fierce firefights! Capitol foes who hear that unmistakeable KA 67 engine whine, know to hunker down and expect one more new foe in their region.

Despite their speed and solid firepower, Great Grey Scouts are shockingly under-armored (perhaps a reflection of their high-speed design requirements) and are frequently downed by even light small-arms fire. They are so incredibly fast that it's not entirely uncommon for newer KA 67 pilots to wreck several Scouts during practice runs. In fact, these accidents are so prevalent that Capitol flyboys have nick-named the KA 67 Great Grey Scout the "Great Grey Widow-maker!"

Regardless of any associated piloting hazards, Capitol leaders have no plans to alter this vehicle design any time soon and the KA 67 model is expected to sustain a long, mostly successful battlefield shelf-life at the expense of Capitol's many enemies.

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