16 October 2008

Inquisitor Majoris

Unit Preview

Cartel Info File: 027 Unit Designation: "Inquisitor Majoris" Faction: Brotherhood

Field Notes: The following is an excerpt from a journal entry recovered off of a fallen Bauhaus soldier.

Today I saw it happen. I never thought this day would come, but my fears were confirmed. We assumed we were out of range of this "sacred" one, but they figured us out. I saw a white helmet dash over into the sea of blue. The firing ceased, briefly, when the soldiers noticed they had a higher ranking officer in their midst. I looked over at my partner, who gave me a strange look. I had never before seen him nervous in battle, but now, he looked very uneasy.

The entire time we'd been out of reach from the Inquisitor regulars. Thankfully, Intel let us know this beforehand, so we could position ourselves at a safe distance from the enemy, but in terms of the Inquisitor Majoris, we were much too close. The first shot…the FIRST SHOT took my partner's head! The faint reverberation of the AC-40 finally caught my ears, and I was covered in bone and matter.

I hit the ground running. Shots ricocheted to the left and right of me. I found a bunker, and buried myself in it.

I could hear the members of the Brotherhood in the distance. Having the Majoris present must have given the rest of the Inquisitors a resurgence of vigor. I heard more commands in the distance. When I mustered the strength to peer over the bunker wall to see what was going on, my eyes must have deceived me…

The man was levitating. LEVITATING! I had heard rumors that the Brotherhood were experts in the arcane, but I thought this stuff was all myth and fairy-tale! I guess the Inquisitor Regulars aren't fluent enough in the art as I saw even they were awed by this spectacle. Taking advantage of the distraction, I took a quiet leave from the battlegrounds.

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Thankful to be alive after this encounter, I vow to never again underestimate any Brotherhood soldier, especially those of the Inqusition.

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