16 October 2008

Gommorian Emasculator

Unit Preview

Cartel Info File: 002 Unit Designation: "Gommorian Emasculator" Faction: Algeroth

Field Notes: Our data on this brutish monstrosity is sketchy at best, but what little we know paints a frightening picture. Created by the Archmagus Valpurgius, the Gommorian Emasculator is equipped with the Brainbuster Power Hammer and, perhaps more importantly, the Agethz Minigun. Both weapons can be effective but the minigun’s Barrage attack, allowing it to rain down light artillery fire on enemy positions, has more tactical applications. Algeroth units possessing a ranged presence on the battlefield are few and far between, so the Gomorrian Emasculator uses this long-range weaponry with remarkable accuracy to surprise and suppress his enemies before laying waste with the Power Hammer up close.

Despite his imposing stature, the Gommorian Emasculator seems fairly susceptible to combat damage and his leadership abilities appear average at best.

Approach this behemoth cautiously using cover while preparing for a difficult melee encounter and remember - no foe is unbeatable.


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