16 October 2008

Bear Trooper

Unit Preview

Cartel Info File: 023 Unit Designation: "Bear Trooper" Faction: Bauhaus

Field Notes: One of our informants in the Bauhaus Megacorporation has recently passed along since key info about the lower ranking Bear soldiers. We've summed up his observations into these bulleted points:

  • Bear Troopers undergo the same quality of training than Bear Kapitans and Sergeants receive but the delineating difference is the quality of tactical and leadership education passed on to their superior officers. Most Bear Troopers are content in the expectation that they'll see more of the grittier side of battle than their Kapitans.  
  • Each of the Bear soldiers carries the infamous "Atlas Megacannon" but, much like their comrades, Bear Troopers' Megacannons have been tailored around their particular battlefield needs. These weapons cause enough splash damage and hit with such potency that they're highly effective at targeting units who are hiding behind cover. However, they've been outfitted with a recent Bauhaus weapons innovation: the Neural Dampener. This clever technical modification allows Bear Troopers to switch to a firing mode that disrupts their target's neural pathways, effectively paralyzing them for about 20-30 seconds. This allows the Bear Troopers to either retreat or close for a close-quarters killing blow, depending on the tactical situation.  
  • It was our informant's opinion that the Bear Trooper is every bit as effective on the battlefield as his peers and when faced with a cohesive group of Bear soldiers, working together, enemy combatants should procede against them with extreme caution.

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