16 October 2008

Bear Sergeant

Unit Preview

Cartel Info File: 028 Unit Designation: "Bear Sargeant" Faction: Bauhaus

Field Notes: The Order of the Bear, a core unit for the Bauhaus megacorporation, took great pride in their ranking up. Attached is the official documentation a Bear Trooper would receive when promoted to Sergeant status.


Congratulations, Trooper — you've made us proud! You've shown the rest of the world why Bahaus citizens are so intrepid and resilient in the face of fear. For your honor and valor on the battlefield, we have come to a consensus that you are worthy of advancing in rank. Consider yourself a Sergeant now, soldier. Your mettle on the field and expert training has given us clear definition that you represent Bauhaus completely. As you are now of a higher status, you've earned greater responsibility. We are investing in you soldier, and we want you to be the best out there. To do this we are equipping you with upgrades to your arsenal. These upgrades will be:

  • Atlas Megacannon Accelerator — Your Megacannon is now equipped with more powerful ammunition, doubling the amount of damage dealt to your enemies. Packed with high amounts of accelerator protons, this shell screams out of the barrel, increasing the velocity and displacement upon impact.
  • V.V.C. (Vicinity Vitiation Combat) — This developed form of field combat will require increased training on your behalf. You'll learn the brash tactics of using your tungsten gauntlets to overpower those who would surround you. Having the act of Subdual down, you will progress to a damaging multifarious form.
  • Battle Regalia — Your cape, a symbol of Bauhaus pride, will now billow grey. No longer are you a representation of purity, but of ravaged persistence. You will symbolize the progression of the Order of the Bear and portray your status as a soldier of rugged and industrial bearing.

[Click here for a 360-degree turnaround image]

This promotion will greatly increase your chances of bringing destruction to the enemy. You're a beacon of solidarity for our cause and we are sure you're capable of continuing to bring pride and honor to the Bauhaus megacorporation. Continue on with your good work, soldier. We couldn't be where we are without you!

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