16 October 2008

Advance to the Next Level

By Corey Konieczka.

I would like to share with you one of my favorite additions from the Warrior Knights: Crown and Glory expansion; Advancements. Advancement cards represent a variety of advances in medieval science and technology that provide powerful effects. While some may call medieval times the dark ages, this does not mean that it was completely void of progress. Many useful advances such as the compass and the saddle were developed during these dark times.

I know exactly what you are thinking: *insert sarcastic voice* “Oh boy, I can get a compass.” I beg of you to hold off your judgment until you understand exactly what the Compass Navigation Advancement card does.
After reading the above card, I bet that your reaction now becomes: “Wow! Instant movement to port cities?! What other really amazing advancements can I acquire?!” I am glad you asked. Behold the mighty Siege Engines Advancement card:
The inevitable question on everyone’s mind is: “So how do I acquire these exciting Advancement cards?” The answer to this question is by acquiring a new resource known as Knowledge. Each Baron has 2 copies of the new Enrich Mind Action card. This card provides its owner with 1 Knowledge and a chance buy one of the three Advancement cards that is face up in the common play area. The player with the most Knowledge also gains the Scholar token which provides all sorts of wonderful abilities.
“You misunderstood me. I wanted to know how I could get my hands on a copy of Crown and Glory, not how players purchase Advancement cards in the game.” Oh, I am sorry. I thought you wanted to know how you acquired Advancements in the game. Crown and Glory should now be available at a friendly game store near you!
“So what else will I get when I inevitably pick up my copy?” Besides Advancement cards, there are a multitude of exciting additions in Crown and Glory. These range from a new 48 card Fate Deck (with some new exciting results), more Action, Event and Agenda cards, many new troops including Leaders, Heralds, Town Levies and Garrisons, and a whole lot more. I will leave you with an image of the new Force March Baron Action card.

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