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Fantasy Flight Games hosts livestreams on YouTube, where all our videos are always saved as well! Tune in for previews of upcoming games, behind the scenes chats with the designers, strategy tips from the source, or just some fun gameplay of a favorite game in the FFG catalog. Join the conversation on the live and archived videos on our YouTube channel. For upcoming livestreams, make sure to click the reminder to be notified when we go live. We hope to see you there!


August 10th at 1PM CST

Descent: Legends of the Dark Miniature Painting

Paint miniatures with us! Scott from the YouTube Channel Miniac will be joining us in studio as we paint minis from Descent: Legends of the Dark. Come join the conversation and pick up some tips on how to paint your next mini!

Check out the stream here to paint with us!

Click here for more information on Descent: Legends of the Dark.

August 24th at 1PM CST

Mutant Genesis Gameplay for Marvel Champions: The Card Game

The X-Men have arrived! Senior Game Designer Caleb Grace will take us through a scenario from the upcoming big box expansion for Marvel Champions: The Card Game, Mutant Genesis.

While some lucky fans were able to play Mutant Genesis at Gen Con 2022, set your reminders for the stream here to get the first widely available look at gameplay!

Click here for more information on Mutant Genesis.

September livestreams will be announced soon.