13 February 2017 | Android: Netrunner LCG

Your Clearance Has Been Granted

You Can Now Preview the Corp Cards from Terminal Directive


Delgado crossed her arms and looked at the ground. “It was a bioroid that did this.”
     Frank stared. “No way. Bioroids can’t kill. They’ve got those Directives—.”

:: What if Delgado's right? What would it mean if a BIOROID actually committed the murders at the heart of the TERMINAL DIRECTIVE Campaign Expansion for ANDROID: NETRUNNER?

The answer would most likely depend upon your POINT OF VIEW.

In our last preview, we looked at the rules for the Terminal Directive CAMPAIGN and the ways they introduce a BRAND NEW PLAY EXPERIENCE to Android: Netrunner. But there's FAR MORE to the expansion than just its murder MYSTERY. After all, every mystery needs a crime, a criminal, and someone looking to bring that criminal to JUSTICE. And in Terminal Directive, the form that justice takes is going to depend heavily upon the IDENTITY of the man, woman, or CORP that delivers it.

// Design or Destroy?

There are FOUR NEW IDENTITY cards in Terminal Directive, as well as 159 other tournament-legal player cards (three copies each of fifty-three different cards). This means that Terminal Directive isn't just introducing campaign play to the game; it's serving as the equivalent of a deluxe expansion—on a par with Creation and Control, Honor and Profit, Order and Chaos, and Data and Destiny.

EXCEPT… Terminal Directive doesn't focus on just two of the game's factions, like those deluxe expansions, and the cards it introduces DO MORE than permit new deck designs. The PLAYER CARDS in Terminal Directive are split primarily between four factions—CRIMINAL, SHAPER, HAAS-BIOROID, and the WEYLAND CONSORTIUM—and they SHAPE YOUR EXPERIENCE of the expansion's narrative campaign.

At the beginning of your Terminal Directive campaign, you'll elect to play as either CORP or RUNNER, and then you'll ACCESS the player cards for your side. Access the Corp cards, and you'll need to choose whether you approach the campaign as the highly secretive SEIDR LABORATORIES (Terminal Directive, 28) or the aggressive defense contractors at SKORPIOS DEFENSE SYSTEMS (Terminal Directive, 41).

// The Secrets You Keep

As the Corp player in Terminal Directive, you need to FOCUS on the task at hand, but you need to keep an eye to the LONG-TERM FUTURE, as well.

Let's presume, for a moment, that Detective Delgado's assumption is correct. If this killer is a bioroid, what does that mean for you?

     :: IF you're Haas-Bioroid, it means you've got to work hard to CONTAIN the potential for damaging BAD PUBLICITY. It might also mean—to those with BLACK LEVEL CLEARANCE (Terminal Directive, 39)—that the latest BRAIN REWIRING (Terminal Directive, 29) has teeth.

     :: IF you're Weyland, it means that you've gained a chance to CAPITALIZE upon Haas-Bioroid's blunder. If you can capture this bioroid killer before Haas-Bioroid gets to it, they can't really stop you. Any effort to do so would mean an IMPLICIT ADMISSION of their involvement.

So this bioroid—IF IT EXISTS—may represent your best chance to DISSECT a prototype bioroid to learn how its brain is built, well before it's meant for market. And then? You can use that TECH to drive your construction of artificially intelligent ICE, like the COLOSSUS (Terminal Directive, 48), or your network of HUNTER SEEKER drones (Terminal Directive, 51).

// Executive Directive

Naturally, the word that the NAPD are investigating a possible bioroid killer has caught the attention of the EXECUTIVES at both Haas-Bioroid and Weyland. And you? Your hunt is going to come under some real executive SCRUTINY. But it's one for which you'll be WELL-SUPPLIED.

When the likes of ESTELLE MOON (Terminal Directive, 32) and MR. STONE (Terminal Directive, 46) get involved in your business, business gets moving. If you're not the one moving it, then you're IN THE WAY… And it's not good to get in the way.

So set up your HONEYFARMS (Terminal Directive, 54). Follow the PAPER TRAIL (Terminal Directive, 53). There's a whole deluxe expansion's worth of new player cards in TERMINAL DIRECTIVE, all waiting to see use in the race to CONTROL THE TRUTH.

Is Terminal Directive the next EVOLUTION in the Android: Netrunner experience? See for yourself when the expansion releases. Head to your local retailer to PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY today!

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