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Preview a Hero and a Monster Group from Stewards of the Secret


Centuries ago, a dark sorcerer created a race of terrifying abominations that would serve him in his quest to rule Terrinoth. A band of noble heroes destroyed the sorcerer and his creations, but the evil knowledge that he had found could not be so easily contained. Now, evil is rising once more, and dark forces seek to reclaim the sorcerer’s knowledge and use it to create a new breed of monsters to plague the land. Take up your blade and fight to protect Terrinoth with the Stewards of the Secret Hero and Monster Collection for Descent: Journeys in the Dark!

Within Stewards of the Secret, you’ll find fourteen sculpted plastic figures that bring heroes and monsters from the first edition of Descent into the game’s second edition. Today, we’ll preview a hero and a monster group from this Hero and Monster Collection to explore how you might use them in your own quests.

Stewards of the Secret contains four heroes, three nagas, three blood apes, and four ferrox.

A Master Hunter

Tatianna is a renowned huntress from a secluded tribe of female warriors living in the far reaches of Terrinoth. As civilization encroached on their long-held hunting grounds, Tatianna found her people unprepared to combat the modern world. To ensure the survival of her sisters, she left her home in search of gold, weapons, and powerful magic. With the fate of her people on her shoulders, Tatianna believes she can find some crucial knowledge or weapon in the legacy of the Stewards.

During your Descent campaigns, Tatianna is the consummate ranged fighter, striking from afar and evading any attacks that target her. Tatianna’s hero ability gives her a natural boost as she fights from afar: all of her attacks benefit from additional range, which allows her to stay further away while making sure her attacks still strike home. Tatianna is also adept at dodging the Ranged attacks of her enemies. As the second part of her hero ability, each Ranged attack that targets Tatianna requires an additional range in order to hit!

As she skirmishes with monsters, Tatianna carefully plans her own attacks, waiting for the perfect opportunity to deliver a devastating strike. When you’ve chosen your moment, you can use Tatianna’s heroic feat to press your advantage and destroy your foes. By triggering Tatianna’s heroic feat after you roll dice in an attack, you can choose one of your opponent’s defense dice and change the result to any other result, leaving the monster defenseless before your arrows.

Sorcerous Reptiles

Monsters and the spawn of evil are drawn from across Terrinoth to the rumor of a sorcerer’s dark knowledge, but few are more attracted than creatures born of magic, like the nagas. These monsters are a nightmarish clash of magic and reptilian guile. Covered in glistening, hardened scales, a naga will seek any chance to coil around its prey and drag the victim away from all hope of rescue. Once in a secluded place, the naga’s venomous fangs can easily tear through soft flesh, and its sorcerous powers keep away any distractions. 

During a quest, a group of nagas can be a highly dangerous tool in the hands of the overlord player. Like Tatianna, these monsters can make attacks from long range, but they become even more dangerous when they close in on their prey. All nagas benefit from the Sorcery ability, which allows them to convert damage into range and vice versa. Like other figures with Sorcery, if a naga is only a few spaces from its target, it can easily turn excess range into extra damage—quickly cutting through even the most powerful defenses. If that weren’t enough, nagas have the ability to inflict the Poisoned condition on their foes, dealing damage over the course of multiple rounds. 

Master nagas are, if anything, even more dangerous than their minion counterparts. All master nagas have the ability to spend an action to trigger Constrict, which forces an adjacent hero to test his might. If the hero fails, he is Immobilized, the naga can move one space, and then you can place the hero in any empty space adjacent to the naga! When used effectively, Constrict can separate the heroes and pull them apart, dragging one hero into danger and away from his companions. As the overlord player, the nagas might be the ideal allies in your quest to claim forbidden knowledge!

Sorcery from the Past

The bravest heroes of Terrinoth have gathered to stand against the evil forces intent on reawakening the past. Whether you play as the overlord or prefer the heroes, you’ll find plenty to enjoy in the Stewards of the Secret Hero and Monster Collection! Pre-order your copy at your local retailer today.

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