Protect the Secrets

Stewards of the Secret Is Now Available for Descent: Journeys in the Dark


The secrets of Terrinoth’s past have returned to haunt its future, and the order of Stewards is all that stands between dark powers and the long-lost research of a mad sorcerer. Now, the Stewards have called upon some of the realm’s greatest heroes for aid. You decide the outcome when you pick up your copy of Stewards of the Secret, now available at your local retailer and online through our webstore!

Like previous Hero and Monster Collections for Descent: Journeys in the Dark, Stewards of the Secret welcomes monsters and heroes from the first edition of Descent into the second edition with completely updated artwork and figure sculpts. Here, you’ll find fourteen sculpted plastic figures—four heroes and ten monsters—as well as two brand-new quests that offer new chances for adventure.

Stewards of the Secret contains four heroes, four ferrox, three nagas, and three blood apes.

Lifelong Companions

One of the heroes that you’ll encounter in Stewards of the Secret is actually a team: Okaluk and Rakash. Inseparable companions from a young age, Okaluk and Rakash are committed to exploring their world. They crave the experience of new lands, and the risks and dangers of travel only add to the thrill of their journey. No obstacle has ever overcome their flawless teamwork, and though battle is not their first calling, Okaluk and Rakash will not suffer an enemy to part them. 

If you’re considering Okaluk and Rakash as members of your hero party, perhaps the first thing you’ll notice is their extremely low speed—they can only move two spaces with a move action. Don’t be concerned, however, because Okaluk and Rakash’s hero ability more than makes up for this: at the start of every turn, they immediately gain four free movement points. These movement points give you an unbelievable amount of freedom with your actions. Suddenly, you might not need to spend an action moving; you can spend your actions accomplishing other tasks and still get where you need to go. 

Extra mobility can help you move across the map, but because Okaluk and Rakash belong to the Healer archetype, the overlord player may choose to target them first to prevent them from healing the other players. Fortunately, Okaluk and Rakash boast a powerful heroic feat. You can trigger this feat even when they are knocked out, and it allows you to roll two red power dice. Then, you and each other knocked out hero within three spaces recovers damage equal to the result of your roll! If the entire hero party is facing a difficult foe, Okaluk and Rakash’s healing prowess may prove essential to keeping your heroes in the fight.

Everything Is at Stake

As the order of Stewards comes under attack, it’s not just an isolated region that faces destruction. All of Terrinoth would suffer if the forces of evil reclaim the studies of the mad sorcerer Devis. Call your monsters to your side or take up your sword as a hero—you can pick up your own copy of Stewards of the Secret at your local retailer today!

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