16 September 2015 | X-Wing

Take Your Games to Lightspeed

Fly More Exciting Space Battles with X-Wing™ Organized Play

The recent release of The Force Awakens™ Core Set for X-Wing means that Star Wars fans around the world can now fly into battle with the forces of the Resistance or First Order.

It also means there’s a whole new group of X-Wing fans looking to play, and if you’re one of them, you may be wondering, “What next?”

Perhaps you’ve already read through the Learn to Play rulebook (pdf, 6.6 MB) and practiced a few maneuvers on your own. You may have even flown a few fast-paced dogfights with a friend. Still, if you’ve been reading through our recent articles, you’ve become aware that there’s a whole, larger galaxy of adventure out there, just waiting for you.

You can fight larger battles by combining multiple Core Sets, or you can pick up expansion packs to call upon the talents of such pilots as Luke Skywalker , Darth Vader , and Han Solo . You can mix your pilots and upgrades and build custom squads. You can experiment with different strategies, and you can devise surprising new tactics to unleash against your opponents.

So how do you get started? One of the best ways is to join X-Wing Organized Play.

By participating in Organized Play, you can find more games, meet more players, see more ships, learn more maneuvers, and discover how other players raise the level of their game by executing supremely skilled squad-based tactics.

X-Wing Organized Play Exists to Support a Worldwide Community

If you’re new to X-Wing, you should know that there’s an enthusiastic, worldwide community of X-Wing squad leaders just like you, and they’re waiting for you to join them in Organized Play.

X-Wing Organized Play helps you meet new opponents, find places to fly your ships into battle, and connect to X-Wing fans from around the world. There are multiple, integrated levels of Organized Play, all directed toward these common goals. They range from demo nights and casual play directed toward newer players to competitive tournaments, where top aces engage in thrilling dogfights.

Finally, the X-Wing Organized Play program culminates in the X-Wing World Championships, when the best players from around the world gather to compete for the title of World Champion!

There are two easy ways to get started:

  1. Ask your local hobby games retailer about X-Wing Organized Play. Most Organized Play events are run at independent hobby games retailers.
  2. Find gamers and events near you through our X-Wing community forums.

It’s important to note that while many Organized Play events are currently tournaments, X-Wing Organized Play exists – above all else – to support the X-Wing player community.

Your local gaming store may choose to use its seasonal “tournament” kits to run demos, casual game nights, or loosely structured leagues. The main thing is that Organized Play exists to draw players together, and once you’ve met some of the other players in your area, you can easily schedule your own games.

Of course, for those who enjoy the competition, X-Wing tournaments are full of potential!

There are thousands of X-Wing tournaments run worldwide every year, from the casual tournaments where local players experiment with new squad builds to the highly structured, top-tier competition of FFG’s World Championships. And every one of these events will offer you greater insight into how other players are building their squads, how they’re maneuvering their ships, and how the game is played.

So, right now, perhaps you consider yourself a lowly Epsilon Squadron Pilot , charging through the galaxy with a pilot skill value of “1,” but that doesn’t matter. Perhaps you’ve fallen in love with the game’s clean and intuitive rules, its fast-paced gameplay, and its beautiful miniature starships. If so, you may be looking to improve upon your skills, and Organized Play can help you climb through the ranks. Maybe you’ll become the new “Epsilon Leader” or even make your way into the Omega squadron and become the next “Omega Ace” !

Welcome to the Community

Thank you for picking up The Force Awakens Core Set. Welcome to the X-Wing community!

Whether you’re looking to fly more battles with the starships from your The Force Awakens Core Set or you’re hoping to explore the advanced rules for squad-building, we invite you to talk to your local retailer about X-Wing Organized Play and join our community forums.

If you’re interested in more X-Wing dogfights, there’s a whole galaxy ahead of you in Organized Play!

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