The Priest and the Demon

Preview a Hero and a Monster Group from Treaty of Champions


“My place is between you and the innocent. You have one chance to lay down your blade.”
–Jonas the Kind

In the darkness of Terrinoth’s past, a terrifying demon once threatened to overwhelm the realm and plunge it into utter chaos. A band of legendary champions united to bind this demon, but these heroes have recently disappeared, and some fear that in their absence the demon may arise once more. 

Treaty of Champions is a Hero and Monster Collection for Descent: Journeys in the Dark, and it challenges you and your friends to fill the footsteps of these lost heroes and defeat the power of an ancient demon. Two brand-new quests offer thrilling adventures for you to embark upon, and you’ll also find fourteen sculpted figures featuring heroes and monsters from the first edition of Descent, as well as an all-new monster group: the crow hags. No matter what encounters you pursue throughout the realm of Terrinoth, the new heroes, monsters, and quests from Treaty of Champions expand every game of Descent!

Today, we’ll take a closer look at a hero and a monster group from Treaty of Champions: Jonas the Kind and the demon lords.

Includes four heroes, five skeleton archers, two demon lords, and three crow hags.

Protector of the Weak

In stark contrast to his present career as a hero, Jonas was raised a thief and assassin in the great cities of Terrinoth. Although his crew targeted the corrupt nobility, Jonas hated his shady and unforgiving life. After the particularly gory slaughter of a noble family, he left it all behind. Joining the order of a remote temple, Jonas found peace and joy in the tight structure of his training, and he now denies his past the right to haunt him. A new path lies before him, one that leads through many lands, always defending the weak and supporting the just. 

When you field Jonas the Kind in your quests, you can use him to spread protection across the hero party. For his hero ability, Jonas the Kind gives your heroes the protection they need to accomplish tasks beyond fighting the overlord’s monsters—each hero within three spaces of Jonas who hasn’t performed an attack that round adds one shield to all of his defense rolls! During a quest, you often want to attack the overlord’s monsters, but many objectives require you to accomplish non-combat tasks. If you’re focused on these other objectives, Jonas’s protection can make the difference between success and a knocked out hero. 

If the monsters press too close around you, you can destroy some or deal significant damage with Jonas’s heroic feat. As an action, Jonas the Kind may use his heroic feat to test his Willpower for each minion monster within three spaces. Each time he passes the test, you can perform an attack with that monster against itself. Turning monsters against themselves can quickly turn the tide of battle in your favor, and the overlord player may even be wary of engaging Jonas at close range if he has not yet expended his heroic feat. 

Malicious Attackers

One of the main foes you face in the quests of Treaty of Champions are the demon lords. Power pulses through every thick muscle of these monsters, and a raw potency fills the air around them. They thrive on terror and domination, lashing out at enemies with magical force and imbuing fiery blasts with their own dark might. A demon lord’s brutal blows can defeat even the mightiest champions and wreak the havoc that these evil creatures crave.

On the field of battle, demon lords excel as ranged attackers, harrying the heroes from afar. All demon lords bear the extremely powerful Sorcery ability, which allows them to convert excess range into damage and vice versa. Essentially, Sorcery almost guarantees that your attacks will hit and deal damage, which makes the demon lords very dangerous in a fight. Demon lords can also spend a surge to trigger Wither, which forces the target hero to suffer fatigue, reducing his ability to move or trigger special abilities that might help him escape.

Rather than mutely undergoing the fiery assault of the demon lords, your opponents’ heroes may close with the demon lords to attack them. Master demon lords boast some defense against these tactics with the Aura ability. The deadly heat and dark magic that pervades the air around a demon lord forces a hero to take a damage every time he moves adjacent to the demon lord. Combined with the power of Sorcery-fueled attacks at close range, any hero who draws near to a demon lord has an uphill battle on his hands. 

Are You a Champion?

Heroes are needed to bind and banish a powerful demon for another age. Battle monsters from Terrinoth’s past or start a new era of darkness as the overlord player—the choice is yours in Treaty of Champions

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