The power to reshape past, present, and future lies before you in the Crown of Destiny Hero and Monster Collection , now available at your local retailer!

In this expansion for Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition , you and your fellow heroes embark on an quest to discover the fabled artifact that allows you change your life – both past and future. If the overlord’s minions can seize this artifact for their dark master, however, all of Terrinoth will surely fall into ruin and your accomplishments will crumble to dust.

You’ll find two brand-new quests and thirteen plastic figures from the first edition of Descent within this Hero and Monster Collection . Each of the heroes and monsters have been reimagined with new plastic sculpts and artwork, in the aesthetic of the second edition. Whether you walk with one of four heroes, or lead the attack with two giants, three chaos beasts, and four lava beetles, you’ll find them all in Crown of Destiny .

Contains four heroes, two giants, three chaos beasts, and four lava beetles.

The Path to Destiny

In our first preview of Crown of Destiny , we took a closer look at Jaes the Exile, a Mage eager to wipe out the mistakes of the past. Jaes is an adept practitioner of magic, and he gains even more power by equipping more Runes . We also experienced the incendiary attacks of the lava beetles that guard the path to the treasured artifact you seek. A lava beetle’s blasting projectiles can easily injure heroes that stay too close to each other in battle.

Our next preview explored the healing prowess of Brother Gherinn, a penitent healer seeking to wash away past crimes by vanquishing the wicked. By drawing upon his inner strength, Brother Gherinn gains the power to utterly destroy a monster who stands in his way. In this preview, we also saw the might of an enraged giant. The might of a fearsome giants makes him a deadly foe. In Crown of Destiny , the giants may have their own designs for the fate of the artifact.

Anger of a Dwarf

For your quest to alter your fate and your history to be successful, you’ll need a warrior as mighty as Corbin. Although Corbin’s quick temper has left him few friends, those who walk beside him call him fierce, loyal, and brave. When he pursues a goal, he does so with unwavering tenacity, never allowing small things like broken ribs or arrow wounds to distract him from his goals. Corbin’s companions may find themselves in battles that could normally be avoided, but Corbin’s skill with weapons is more than sufficient to bring them safely out of danger again.

A fighter to the core, Corbin is persistent enough to shake off the worst hits he takes. His hero ability helps you keep fighting even after taking damage: whenever Corbin would suffer two or more damage, that damage is reduced by one, making Corbin one of the most stalwart heroes in the game.

Corbin’s heroic feat only makes his defenses more steadfast. By triggering Corbin’s heroic feat before you roll defense dice, you may change each defense die you roll to a different result, ensuring that you always receive the maximum amount of defense when you truly need it. Between his heroic feat and his hero ability, Corbin possesses the potential to keep fighting longer than many other heroes, giving you the time you need to destroy monsters and complete your quest’s objective.

The Future Awaits

The chance to reshape your future and claim honor, riches, and glory lies before you. Whether you play as a hero with a past, or serve the wicked designs of the overlord, Crown of Destiny has the figures and quests for you.

The Crown of Destiny Hero and Monster Collection is now available at your local retailer! Pick up your copy today.

Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition is a story-driven board game for 2-5 players that takes a party of adventurers deep into the dungeons of Terrinoth for adventure, treasure, and glory. Players will embark on a campaign of linked quests as they develop characters based on four fantasy archetypes.

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