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Vengeance and Rage
Preview Giants and Brother Gherinn from Crown of Destiny

Rumors are whispered throughout Terrinoth of a mystical mountain. The rumors say that anyone who finds the mountain and climbs to its summit may reshape their entire life – both past and future. You can discover the truth of these tales in the Crown of Destiny Hero and Monster Collection, an upcoming expansion for Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition!

Like other Hero and Monster Collections, Crown of Destiny contains four heroes and three monster groups previously only available in the first edition of Descent. The thirteen plastic figures in this expansion feature entirely new sculpts and artwork, bringing them in line with the aesthetic of the second edition. Within this Hero and Monster Collection, you’ll find Corbin, Lindel, Jaes the Exile, and Brother Gherinn alongside two giants, three chaos beasts, and four lava beetles.

In our last preview, we took a closer took at the lava beetle monster group and at Jaes the Exile. Today, we turn to the Healer, Brother Gherinn, and to the giants that beleaguer the noble heroes.

Contains four heroes, two giants, three chaos beasts, and four lava beetles.

A Penitent Hero

Beneath his mask, Brother Gherinn’s face is scarred by the terrible burns inflicted on him by a ritual of purification. He never speaks of the man he was before that fiery ordeal, instead simply claiming that the agony was a small price to pay to gain control over his own dark nature. He now uses his mastery of unknowable energies to heal those in need and vanquish the wicked, hoping to wash away the crimes of his past. By climbing to the height of the mystical mountain, Brother Gherinn may finally find true redemption.

Brother Gherinn can prove his worth as one of your heroes in any quest. Although he is a gifted Healer by nature, he thirsts for the destruction of evil in Terrinoth and is unafraid to draw heavily on his powers to accomplish his goal. Brother Gherinn’s hero ability allows you to gain the extra damage you need to finish off monsters. Each time you attack with Brother Gherinn, after rolling dice, you may choose to suffer one damage to add one damage to the results of your attack. By triggering this ability judiciously, you can eliminate a monster who might otherwise attack on the overlord’s next turn.

Defeating a monster opens the opportunity for Brother Gherinn to use his heroic feat, allowing him to roll two red power dice. Every hero within three spaces, including Brother Gherinn, recovers health equal to the damage rolled on the dice, potentially spreading vast amounts of healing to the entire hero party. What’s more, Brother Gherinn’s healing abilities and strength in combat may prove entirely necessary if you face giants on your adventure.

The Rage of a Giant

As old and unyielding as the mountains themselves, giants are unthinkably strong, possessing enough strength to easily cast several opponents aside with a single strike. These ancient folk are intolerant of outsiders and prone to solve problems by resorting to violence rather than reason. One old giant, known as Mughin, may hold the key to finding the magical Crown of Destiny.

Giants are well-known for their massive power. These monsters are difficult to kill, and unrelenting on attack or defense. The heroes may hope to simply outrun the giants, but even that may prove to be a difficult task. All giants possess the Reach ability, allowing them to attack heroes up to two spaces away, making up for their sometimes ponderous movement. What’s more, if a giant causes damage to a hero, you may spend a surge to stun the hero, limiting him to one action on his next turn.

All giants are fearsome in battle by virtue of their enormous size. Some giants, though, are considered mighty even by giants’ standards. In battle, these master giants may spend an action to use the Sweep ability, making an attack that affects every figure within two spaces and line of sight of the master giant. Unwary hero parties that stray too near to a master giant could find the entire party knocked out by a single sweeping blow. Only the bravest of heroes can hope to stand against wrathful giants and emerge victorious.

Quest for the Crown

Your destiny in Terrinoth awaits as the outcome of your quests reshapes your life’s story. Whether you play as a hero, eager for riches and glory, or as the overlord, intent on spreading your darkness across all Terrinoth, you’ll find the heroes and monster groups to help you in this Hero and Monster Collection. Preorder Crown of Destiny at your local retailer today!

Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition is a story-driven board game for 2-5 players that takes a party of adventurers deep into the dungeons of Terrinoth for adventure, treasure, and glory. Players will embark on a campaign of linked quests as they develop characters based on four fantasy archetypes.

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