The odor of sulphur and burnt flesh wafts from the open mouth of the Warlock’s den. Though this place turns your stomach, you have no choice but to press on; your quest has brought you to this dimly lit cave, and the enigmatic man you seek is your only hope of achieving victory. As your eyes adjust, a voice echoes around you. “I know why you are here, adventurer, and what you seek. But first, you must do something for me...”

Welcome to the second preview for the upcoming expansion to Talisman , The Frostmarch ! Last time, we looked at two characters who are set to face the sinister Ice Queen this winter. Today, we’ll explore some the many new Warlock Quests, look at new Adventure and Spell cards that play off of those quests, and even get a sneak peek at the Warlock playable character!

Though not the first expansion to include Warlock Quest cards, The Frostmarch features them prominently. An alternative to simply visiting the Warlock’s Cave and rolling a die to determine your quest, Warlock Quest cards present variety and flavor to the process of earning your all-important Talisman.

Whether besting a mighty dragon or visiting the perilous Enchantress (with her penchant for morphing unwary adventurers into slimy toads), you can be assured that Warlock Quest cards offer a heavy dose of risk, but the reward is well worth it!

Focusing on this new level of risk, many other cards have effects that directly relate to Warlock Quests in some way.

The fearsome Glory Seeker, for example, is a formidable foe who will effectively “steal” your quests out from under you! The False Grail burdens its unlucky bearer with a one-track mind; you cannot have any Warlock Quests before you rid yourself of it. And finally, the Lake of Visions is a pool of prognostication from which adventurers can select the Warlock Quest they’d most like to have... until the Lake itself disappears as suddenly as arrived.

Manipulating these quests even further is the mysterious Warlock, a new neutral playable character who is the first ever to begin the game outside the outer region! His high Craft, as well as his ability to regain all Spells at the start of each of his turns, make him a potent magic user. But equally impressive is his ability to name his own reward after completing Warlock Quests!

Join us next time, when we take a look at some of the new Alternate Endings coming your way in The Frostmarch !

Talisman is a classic game of adventuring. Your character journeys through the lands in search of the powerful Crown of Command. Take control of one of 14 different characters from a powerful Troll to a magical Druid.

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