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It Binds All Things
Announcing the Fifth Force Pack in the Echoes of the Force Cycle
Star Wars: The Card Game | Published 21 January 2014

“The Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It’s an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us; it binds the galaxy together.”
–Obi-Wan Kenobi, Star Wars: A New Hope

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of It Binds All Things, the fifth Force Pack in the Echoes of the Force cycle for Star Wars™: The Card Game! The Force holds the galaxy of Star Wars together and developing your devotion to the Force may determine the outcome of your future games.

In It Binds All Things, you can move deeper into the mysteries of the Force, whether you follow a new Jedi version of Leia Organa to the forest moon of Endor, experience the boundless loyalty of a Wookiee, or use fate cards in entirely new ways with the Empire’s Imperial Navy. Even as the different affiliations of Star Wars: The Card Game explore the possibilities offered by the Echoes of the Force cycle, you may discover that the best way to gain control of the Force struggle is a targeted offense that directly attacks your opponent’s Force-committed units.

Unfortunately, units committed to the Force can be hard to reach – especially if your opponent keeps them out of direct combat. A specialized task like hunting down Force-committed units is often a job for the galaxy’s deadliest assassins and bounty hunters. The Scum and Villainy of the galaxy have just the tools you need to extinguish your opponent’s zeal for the Force.

Efficient, Ruthless, Mechanical

The best bounty hunters know that the best chance of a successful job is when their mark has no good options. If you’ve anticipated and planned for your opponent’s choices, you can have an answer ready no matter where he moves. Eliminating your opponent’s options begins by sending a Reprogrammed DRK-1 Droid (It Binds All Things, 609) on your quarry’s trail. There are two of these Droids in The Droid’s Task objective set, offering cheap, dependable unit damage. Normally, such a unit would be used defensively, but if your opponent has no units committed to the Force, your Reprogrammed DRK-1 Droids gain targeted strike. This keyword enables these reprogrammed reconnaissance Droids to destroy your opponent’s more fragile units or chip away at the health of larger units.

To avoid a swarm of cheap units with targeted strike, your opponent will need to commit at least one unit to the Force, but once they do, The Droid’s Task (It Binds All Things, 607) becomes a deadly instrument. This objective possesses a Reaction allowing you to reduce your reserve by one to damage any unit committed to the Force. Reducing your reserve is the price you pay for dealing this direct damage, but the Scum and Villainy can always find a way to cheat penalties. Objectives like Reconnaissance Mission (Core Set, 127) or Jabba’s Reach (Edge of Darkness, 374) both increase your reserve. By combining one of these objectives with the Reaction on The Droid’s Task, you can have repeatable, once-per-turn damage leveled against any unit your opponent commits to the Force. Between this objective and your DRK-1 Droids, you’ll have unit damage leveled at your opponent’s key units no matter which way he moves.

Spearheading your attack on your opponent’s Force-committed units is perhaps the most feared Droid in the galaxy: the Bounty Hunter IG-88 (It Binds All Things, 608). This Assassin Droid boasts a fearsome array of combat icons, preparing it equally for attack or defense, and if your opponent risks anything less than complete devotion to the Force, IG-88 gains even more icons: a  and a  icon, while the Elite keyword keeps the Droid free from focus tokens. Your opponent might choose to deactivate the Droid’s additional combat icons by committing three units to the Force, but that just plays into your hands, providing you with more targets for The Droid’s Task and hampering your opponent’s attacks with extra focus tokens.

If your opponent still tries to evade your hunters, you have ways to make sure he falls into your traps. The Echoes of the Force (It Binds All Things, 536) fate card in this objective set enables you to remove units from the Force struggle to activate IG-88 or commit a unit to make it a target for The Droid’s Task. If you need a more permanent solution, however, a Sonic Detonation (It Binds All Things, 610) could do the trick. By playing this event, you capture one of your opponent’s Force cards from his supply at any one of your objectives. This permanently activates IG-88 as long as the Force card is captured, simultaneously giving your opponent a handicap in the Force struggle and pushing you closer to victory with every turn.

The Force Is Strong

Study the Force in action, or use it to destroy your opponents! No matter which path you take into the mystery and power of the Force, you’ll find a wealth of new strategies and tactics in It Binds All Things, as the Echoes of the Force cycle continues for Star Wars: The Card Game. 

The characters, starships, and situations of the original Star Wars trilogy come to life in Star Wars: The Card Game, a head-to-head Living Card Game® of tactical combat and strategic planning that allows two players to wage cinematic combats between the light and dark sides of the Force.

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