All wings report in!

X-Wing Second Edition

Take your Star Wars dogfights to the next level!

From the skies of Scarif to the climactic clash above Endor, starfighters have played a pivotal role in almost every defining battle of the Galactic Civil War. During these confrontations, brave members of the Rebel Alliance faced seemingly insurmountable odds as they squared off against the merciless forces of the Galactic Empire in intense ship-to-ship space combat. 

Now, it’s time for pilots to get to their ships once more with the next evolution of furious starfighter combat: X-Wing Second Edition. You’ll lead custom-built squadrons into fast-paced, high-stakes battles. You’ll dial in your movements, maneuver your ships, take aim, and fire. Whether you’re a rookie pilot or a veteran ace, X-Wing Second Edition is the perfect way to take flight and battle among the stars.

Assemble your squadron, start your maneuvers, and engage the enemy in X-Wing Second Edition!

"Blast that piece of junk out of the sky!"

- Kylo Ren

Intuitive, Refined Gameplay

X-Wing Second Edition marks a return to the game’s roots by placing greater prominence on maneuvering your ships.

"I can do this." - Rey

Assemble Unique Squadrons

X-Wing Second Edition offers players the chance to grow their forces with expansion packs and create their own squadrons. New players can pick up an assortment of expansion packs to explore new ships, while X-Wing veterans can bring their existing collections into the game’s second edition with the help of Conversion Kits. 

Even within a single squadron, there’s plenty of room for you to tweak and customize your forces. Upgrade cards invite you to load up your ships with astromech droids, torpedoes, bombs, engine upgrades, or other modifications. Carefully balancing your list and tweaking it to survive any matchup is part of the game as much as the most intense dogfight. 

"I have you now!" - Darth Vader


Multiple App-Driven Formats

Within X-Wing Second Edition, you’ll find a wealth of new formats and ways to play the game. If you’re looking to get started fast, you can use Quick Build cards to swiftly assemble balanced squadrons of any size to battle against each other. For some games, however, you may prefer to have perfect control over every part of your squadron.

If you’re looking for that kind of granular control, you’ll be able to rely on the official X-Wing Second Edition squad builder app to create your squadron! In X-Wing Second Edition, the point costs of ships and upgrades are not printed on the cards. Instead, these point values are governed within the app, allowing players to quickly and easily build forces for a variety of formats. What’s more, the game’s developers can use the app to swiftly adjust and balance the point values of cards within the game. 

"I'm not such a bad pilot myself!"

Luke Skywalker

Pilots, to your ships!

Lead your squadron into tense, fast-paced starfighter battles.

X-Wing Second Edition

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