The World Changed.
People Did Not.

It Is the Future

Mankind has spread itself out across the solar system with varying degrees of success. The Moon and Mars are colonized. A plan to terraform Mars is well underway, hindered only by a civil war that has broken out on that planet. On Earth, a massive space elevator has been built, stretching up into the sky. It is the hub of trade in the solar system, and most people refer to it as the “Beanstalk.” Enormous megacorporations, called "corps" by most, influence every facet of daily life: food, threedee, music, career choices.

Your definitive guide to the Android universe and its unique vision of the future, The Worlds of Android is a beautiful, 272-page hardbound setting guide and art book that explores these corps and their most visionary innovations. It delves into what technological advances and extraterrestrial expansion mean to a human population that no longer resides exclusively on Earth. And it asks what it means to be human in a world filled with artificial intelligence, advanced cybernetics and genetic modification.

Mystery. Megacorps. Cybercrime.

The More Things Change,
The More Things Stay the Same

Popularized by Android: Netrunner and the Android board game, the not-too-distant future of the Android universe is populated by genetically engineered clones and artificially intelligent bioroids. It features technology that may appear miraculous by present-day standards, but as with much of the best science fiction, the setting consistently aims for the plausibility that originates from a seed of truth. 

The Worlds of Android considers where innovation might lead us, what unintended effects technology has on society and individuals, and what aspects of human nature—both good and bad—remain the same no matter our efforts to advance ourselves.

Do Clones Have Souls?

Infinite Horizons

Explore the distant reaches of the solar system and the most intimate corners of the virtual world with multiple narrative styles and scores of original art pieces.

Artificial Intelligence.
Natural Fears.

Visions of Life in the Future

Explore the stories, technologies, and troubles of the not-too-distant future.

The Worlds of Android

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