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Star Wars: Force and Destiny Roleplaying Game

Life as a Force-Sensitive during the Galactic Civil War

The power of the Force flows through you. All your life you have felt it and used it, perhaps even unconsciously. Now, at last, you have found others like you who can sense and manipulate the Force, others willing to risk their lives for the sake of justice, for the sake of restoring balance to the galaxy. Together, you are searching for the secrets of the outlawed Jedi Order and fighting against whatever evil you encounter. You may choose to lurk in the shadows and defend the downtrodden, or join the Rebellion battle the Empire from the pilot’s seat of a starfighter, or you may slowly succumb to the temptations of the dark side.

Guiding you along your journey is the Force and Destiny Core Rulebook, which contains everything necessary for you to experience the Force’s immense power and take part in action-filled, epic adventures.

A Galaxy Governed by Evil

Find Your Destiny

Force and Destiny features a system that unites custom narrative dice with skill-based rules, enabling you to tell your own legendary stories

Outcasts in a
Time of Turmoil

Discover your True Character

The playable characters of Force and Destiny are all Force-sensitives capable of extraordinary feats and bound to a great destiny. As a compassionate Guardian you might use your lightsaber to aid the helpless and oppressed. You might hunt out and battle the dark side throughout the galaxy, or quietly enforce justice in the shadows of a city’s seedy underworld. No matter what your calling, your Morality is a defining aspect of your character. You will be often forced to make difficult choices, and choosing theft, cruelty, and violence may pull you towards the dark side. 

Force and Destiny is also fully-cross compatible with our Age of Rebellion™ and Edge of the Empire™ roleplaying games. This enables you to experience the adventures of Force and Destiny as an fearless and foolhardy Ace Pilot or as an Edge of the Empire Scoundrel who has joined up with a group of Force users for his own personal gain. You can fly starships from Age of Rebellion as you flee from Imperial pursuers, or use the Force to help you smuggle valuable contraband out of Hutt space.

The Deepest Conflict
in the Galaxy

The Balance Between Dark and Light 

The core mechanic of Force and Destiny is a skill check in which you roll a pool of dice to determine whether your action succeeds or fails. Custom narrative dice not only let you easily see whether you have succeeded or failed a check, but also provide opportunities to gain advantages despite a failure, or experience a setback even when the immediate action is successful. Every skill check contains countless dramatic possibilities that can change the shape of your story.

Central to the action is the Force die, covered in easy-to-interpret symbols representing the light side and the dark side of the Force. If you remain on the light side, you’ll need to roll light Force results to succeed when using the Force – but you always have the option to use dark side results to generate additional Force points. Every time you choose to do so, however, you descend a little towards the dark side.

Take Up Your Lightsaber

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