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Welcome to Terrinoth, adventurer!

Runebound is a board game of heroic deeds and high adventure for two to four players. An ancient evil has awoken and now threatens to cast Terrinoth into an age of darkness. Only the heroes of Terrinoth have a chance of defeating this nemesis and becoming living legends.

In every game of Runebound, you tell an epic tale by deciding what adventures your hero pursues. You may focus on battle, destroying monsters throughout Terrinoth; you may devote yourself to exploration and exploring forgotten ruins; or you may focus on social encounters, making valuable connections and negotiating your way to victory. Whether you focus on one type of adventure or take each encounter as it comes, every game of Runebound reveals a thrilling saga of adventure.

Embark on

New Quests

Travel throughout the realm of Terrinoth

Players can shop in the Free Cities, battle the servants of evil, and find adventures everywhere



Battle the Foes of Terrinoth

Evil is rising once more in the land, and only you and your rival heroes can defeat this threat. Two unique scenarios challenge you to battle a deadly nemesis: Margath the Dragonlord or the Corpse King, Vorakesh. In both of these scenarios, you must increase your hero’s power until you’re strong enough to defeat your opponent in a fight to the death – the first hero to defeat the enemy wins the game. But the heroes must not delay: if too much time passes, all heroes lose together as Margath or Vorakesh usher in a new age of darkness.

Each scenario features vastly different conditions, as well as different adventures, enemies, and story cards to drive the story forward. With these distinct cards to further differentiate the scenarios, Runebound offers a wealth of replayability.


Your Hero

Equip New Items, Learn New Skills

Runebound offers you the unique chance to customize your hero as the game moves forward. To defeat the enemies of Terrinoth, you’ll need to grow from humble beginnings by learning new skills and acquiring new assets.

New skills allow your hero to develop powerful new abilities in three arenas: body, mind, and spirit. The effects of these skills are nearly limitless – you may move faster, fight more effectively, or even gain more actions per turn. You can also supplement your abilities with weapons, clothing, and equipment. These assets are available to purchase from the markets of the four Free Cities, and they also offer new abilities and additional combat tokens. Between skills and assets, you can specialize your hero however you please.



Will you become the greatest hero in living memory?

Take your first steps along the road to legend!


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