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BattleLore Second Edition Dice Pack

BattleLore Base Set and Accessories

Whether you’re leading the Rune Golems and Citadel Guard of the Daqan Lords, or unleashing a horde of brutal Uthuk Y’llan Blood Harvesters, it’s vital to keep your attention on the unfolding battle. Stay focused on your battles in Terrinoth with a tool of convenience: extra dice!

The dice in the BattleLore Dice Pack don’t replace the dice from BattleLore Second Edition, but are instead an excellent optional tool, helping you keep the focus on the game, rather than reaching across the table for the attack dice. With these eight dice, added to the four dice from BattleLore Second Edition, you’ll have twelve total dice.

This is not a stand-alone product. The BattleLore Core Set is required to play.

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