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Republic and Separatist II Adversary Deck

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Explore the final days of the Republic with the Republic and Separatist II Adversary Deck for Star Wars™ Roleplaying! Featuring 20 NPCs from the Collapse of the Republic Sourcebook, this adversary deck keeps your campaign at your fingertips!

These adversary cards put all of the information GMs need to manage NPCs during a game session right at their  fingertips, without having to page through multiple books to find it. Additionally, the card format makes it easier for GMs to prepare between sessions. Players can also use these cards to represent NPC allies and hired help.

Statistics and skills are presented on one side of each adversary card, with talents, abilities, and equipment on the other. Additionally each card contains art and a description that the GM can use to help set the scene during a game session.

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