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Cad Bane Operative Expansion

Star Wars: Legion Separatist Alliance Expansions

There are some jobs battle droids just can't complete. When a task requires a little more finesse, the Separatist Alliance doesn't hesitate to hire a professional bounty hunter like Cad Bane. Willing to take on any job with no questions asked, Bane doesn’t adhere to conventional tactics, instead manipulating others to his advantage.

This expansion puts all of Cad Bane's skills at your disposal and gives you plenty of options for assembling the unpainted hard plastic miniature you find in it. In addition to being able to choose whether Cad Bane enters battle with his signature wide-brimmed hat, you can also build the miniature with his dual LL-30 blaster pistols or with a single pistol and one hand activating his electro gauntlets. Rounding out this pack are a unit card, six upgrade cards, and Cad Bane's three signature command cards. 

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