Sky Traders

Since the dawn of the Age of Skyships, ruthless traders have competed for control of lucrative trade lanes. To prevent this conflict from turning bloody, the mighty Sky Guild was formed. But, it was only a matter of time before the Guild itself became the prize for the highly competitive Sky Traders!

Now ruthless Sky Traders compete to become the Master of the Sky Guild! Cloud mining, negotiation, piracy, black market…which route will you pursue to become the new ruler of the skies?

Load your skyship with valuable goods, evade ruthless pirates, and manipulate the commodity markets in Sky Traders, a board game of commerce and intrigue for two to five players. By dealing cargo for profit, cleverly playing the market, and maybe dabbling in some black market trading, you can build influence with the Sky Guild. If you become influential enough, you’ll become the next Master of the Sky Guild. Riches and victory will be yours!

The dawn of sky trade

The advent of flying ships revolutionized the trading industry. After a string of inventions made it possible for entrepreneurs to build and maintain skyships with only a modest amount of capital, it became obvious that sky traders needed a guild to oversee sky trade. The Sky Guild controls commodity prices and raises or lowers them based on their own secret agenda. Meanwhile, Wind Pirates still threaten sky trade, and a healthy black market has developed around the Grog trade.

Take to the skies

Each round of Sky Traders takes place in two main phases. In the first phase, players sail their ships and perform actions. The Guild Council takes place during the second phase of each round. To start the first phase, each player draws an Ill Wind card, which has a variety of effects that can help or hinder players. The Sky Patrol could attack you for carrying contraband, or the Wind Pirates might try to board your vessel in hopes of plundering valuable goods. If you’re lucky, you’ll stumble upon a treasure map that leads to riches. It’s all up to fate when you draw from the Ill Wind deck.

Add new members to your crew to gain various improvements. Skymen lend their blades to fight off Wind Pirate attacks. Other shipmates can help you earn more money when selling goods. Some crewmembers even make it possible to disregard the results of an Ill Wind card. You’ll want to be judicious when hiring crew, since they take up valuable space on the ship that could be used for trade goods. 

If your skyship requires repairs or refueling, visit a city. While there, line the ship’s cargo hold with valuable textiles, spices, or even jewels, and then deliver the goods to another city where entrepreneurs will pay large sums of money for the items. Make sure to stock up on goods when the price is low and sell them off when their value increases.

In the second phase of each turn, the Guild Council takes place. During this round, players deliberate with each other in hopes of persuading their peers to help influence the price of goods. Strike a deal with your peers and you could force a surge in the value of the commodities you own, but if you’ve angered your rivals, they may choose to team up and devalue the wares you are selling.

At the end of the Guild Council phase, each captain also has the opportunity to purchase Influence, which increases his ability to control prices and moves him a step closer to victory. Influence is expensive, but you cannot become the Master of the Sky Guild without it.

A host of decisions

As captain of your own skyship, you’ll have to decide each turn how to best service your needs. Buying cargo at one port and delivering it to another city where the goods are highly desired is a great way to turn a profit. However, a captain also must consider hiring new crew, checking the ship’s phlogiston (fuel for skyships) levels, repairing damage sustained in pirate attacks, and other important tasks to keep the ship running at peak performance. When money is tight, haul toxic sludge or collect minerals from the countryside to make some quick money.

Sail the skies and transform yourself into a captain of industry in Sky Traders. Can you evade the fearsome Wind Pirates, gain control of the Sky Guild, and seize the ultimate title of Master of the Sky Guild? Find out in Sky Traders.

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2 - 4 hours

2 - 5 players

Ages 14+


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