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The Gilded Blade

Runebound Expansions

Once a year, the merchants and civilians of Terrinoth come together in a time of celebration and commerce. The most talented craftsmen and the slickest charlatans alike operate under the sign of the Gilded Blade. As new wonders are unveiled and pickpockets work the crowds, even a noble hero can find much to interest him at this gathering.

The Gilded Blade Adventure Pack expands the world of Terrinoth in every game of Runebound with new sets of skill cards and asset cards that can increase your options for any scenario. New assets and skills can be swapped for other sets in your asset or skill decks, giving you the chance to customize your experience and your hero far more than ever before. Along with skill and asset cards, this Adventure Pack offers a variety of new adventure cards that can be added to any scenario. You may face off against a Highway Gang, but thankfully for the heroes, a new hero also joins the game in this expansion: Red Scorpion!

This is not a stand-alone product. The Runebound Core Set is required to play.

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