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Fury of Shadow

Midnight Second Edition

In the Last Age, the ancestral homeland of the elven people has become a battleground. Armies of orcs, ogres, giant-men, and trolls mass in the North, preparing to spill out of the Highhorns and lay waste to the Veradeen, the snow-clad home of the Erunsil elves. In the east, trained and disciplined orcish armies set out from Eisin, burning their way into the fey weed along the mighty Felthera River. Standing defiant between the bloody pincers of this assault is Caradul, the capital of the elven nation and the domain of Aradil, the Witch Queen of Erethor. If the Night Kings' grand campaign is successful, it could mean the end of organized resistance to the Shadow in Eredane. The outcome is as yet undecided: Your heroes could be the ones that save the elven nations . . . or doom them to defeat.

This package includes a 150+ page campaign book, and several maps, including a full-color map of Eredane, and more.