Is the universe truly shrinking? Or are your enemies simply multiplying? Everywhere your command ship goes, trouble isn’t far behind. If it’s not the Brotherhood of Peace getting in your way, it’s the Overseers of Kalgon blasting your dreadnoughts to pieces. Diplomacy has failed. It’s time to prepare the fleet, launch the fighters, and prepare for screaming good time!

The third edition of MagBlast is here! In this card game of silly space battles 2-8 players take command of a mighty fleet of starships, poised to do battle for no good reason that anyone can remember. Using super-advanced "Make a Silly Noise or Miss" Blast Targeting System™ technology, the battleships of the MagBlast universe will do battle under the command of your flagship. The last fleet not reduced to space dust is the winner!

MagBlast is played over a series of turns where players can draw from a deck of randomized action cards, build their fleet, mobilize their ships, and possibly lay waste to their opponents. On each player's turn, he will have an opportunity to play Blast cards from his hand for each ship in his fleet. Some ships may only be able to fire the relatively weak Laser Blast (pew pew!), but others may have larger turrets that can fire the more potent Beam Blast (bzzzwomp!) or the feared Mag Blast (ka-SPLODE!). Of course, players can't just fire deadly coruscations of energy through the cosmic ether willy-nilly and expect them to hit their target, no! MagBlast uses extremely advanced and well-researched rules mechanics to simulate the nail-biting reality of screaming space combat.

Players must accompany each Blast card with a sound effect. If they fail to do so, their blast misses (and their opponents will taunt them mercilessly). If they hit, then the damage is applied to their target ship and eventually ships are destroyed when the accumulated blasts equal or exceed their Hull value. Once ships have been blown out of a zone, shots can be fired directly at your opponent's command ship from the corresponding zone in your fleet. Once the command ship has been destroyed, that's it! Your opponent is out of the game and you can focus your fire on the next hapless admiral.

In addition to Blasts, players have access to resources from their action cards, which are used to build or hire reinforcements to strengthen their fleet. Additionally, players will need to dodge asteroid fields, lay mines, score devastating direct hits, and generally be crafty and dangerous. All these tricks of the space-battling trade are represented by action cards, which players will be hoarding and playing as the opportunity arises.

Victory in MagBlast is achieved through the complete and total annihilation of all opposing fleets. If you have the only command ship that has not been reduced to radioactive vapor, you win! Give yourself a pat on the back and be sure to conquer your opponent's homeworld on your way home.

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10 - 20 minutes

2 - 8 players

Ages 10+


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