Whitehall Mystery

It was just past three o’clock in the afternoon. I had gone down to the basement to look for some boards, and I immediately noticed the package: roughly two by three feet, wrapped up in paper. What the devil was it? I unwrapped it to find black fabric underneath. A petticoat? Even before I saw what was inside, the stench that had been unleashed explained everything.
   —Frederick Wildborn, carpenter

Hunt a killer or become one in Whitehall Mystery

The year is 1888, and construction is well underway for the New Scotland Yard in the heart of London’s Whitehall District. That is, until one day work comes to a screeching halt when the torso of a woman is discovered on the police’s doorstep. As a new team of experts is gathered to look into the matter, one fear haunts everyone’s mind: Jack the Ripper has returned.

Whitehall Mystery is an engrossing cat-and-mouse board game of bluffing and deduction in which one player takes the role of the infamous Jack the Ripper, while up to three other players are detectives working together to chase him down through Victorian London. After leaving his grisly gifts at various locations, Jack must outmaneuver the detectives in the twisting labyrinth of the Whitehall District. Meanwhile, the detectives must use clever deduction and their superior numbers to hunt Jack the Ripper and bring him to justice before he disappears into the ether once again.

London’s Most Infamous Killer

Whitehall Mysterydraws directly from history for its gruesome details and dramatic pacing, perfectly emulating the unpredictable nature of the historical crime and the limited resources of the London police force in Victorian England. Throughout the game, the Ripper’s movements remain unknown to the other players while he commits his crimes, leaving body parts scattered about the city, and the investigators must to rely on their wits and powers of deduction rather than modern investigative technology.

Over the course of three rounds, players will engage in a thrilling game of cat-and-mouse filled with close calls and narrow escapes as Jack navigates the labyrinthine Whitehall District and Investigators close in on him. Before the game begins, the player controlling Jack the Ripper will secretly choose and record four Discovery Locations where he will leave body parts for the police to find; one acts as his starting point, then he must reach the other three during the game. Once Jack has planned his ghastly crime, the hunt begins.

Each round takes place over a series of turns, with Jack first making a move and then the investigators responding. The round ends when Jack has either made fifteen moves or has reached a new Discovery Location. To help him evade the police on his tail, Jack may use Special Movement tiles to slip through alleys, catch coaches, and sail boats. If he can reach all four Discovery Locations without being captured, he escapes capture once again to secure his place as history most infamous criminal and wins the game.

An Impossible Task

As for the investigators tasked with bringing Jack to justice, they must watch and wait. When Jack strikes, they spring into action and must work together to deduce the killer’s location and make an arrest. After Jack moves about Whitehall, the investigators begin their hunt by consulting one another to discuss their options before heading out into the city. The more information they share amongst their group, the better equipped they will be to catch Jack before he disappears for good. 

Once divided, the investigators may either look for clues or make an arrest. To look for clues, an investigator announces the numbers of the spaces he wishes to inspect. Then Jack must check whether these numbers appear on his sheet as places he has been during the current round. If it is, Jack places a clue marker on that numbered circle as evidence of his flight and that investigator's search immediately ends. Otherwise, this process repeats with the other numbered circles adjacent to the investigator until either a clue has been discovered of the area surrounding the investigator has been cleared.

To execute an arrest, an investigator announces the number of one circle that is adjacent to their figure, in the hope of making an arrest. Jack checks whether his current position matches the declared number and if it does, Jack is arrested and loses the game. But if it does not, Jack is not obligated to reveal any additional information as he escape back into the night and out of the investigators’ reach.

The pressure is on for the investigators to find the killer as quickly as possible. If they fail to capture the Ripper by the end of the round, they might announce that they have reached a new Discovery Location and leave the pursuers another frightful souvenir. Neither the public nor the investigators will be able to rest until Jack the Ripper is brought to justice, and if this crime is left unsolved at the very site of the New Scotland Yard, it will leave a permanent stain on the police department that no amount of time will ever wash out.

Make History

The hunt for the Ripper is on again. Now that saucy Jack has reemerged from the shadows, the investigators of Scotland Yard cannot allow him to slip from their grasp. Will you take down history’s most famous killer or step into his shoes? Steel your nerve, join the hunt, and prepare to face the terror of the Whitehall Mystery!

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1+ hours

2 – 6 players

Ages 14+


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