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The year is 1947. The war that started eight years ago when Germany invaded Poland isn’t over. Rather, the conflict has spread worldwide, and but a handful of countries cling to relative neutrality. Throughout the world, three major superpowers fight to claim exclusive control over a revolutionary source of power: Vk. This rare ore, mined from deep within the earth, has revealed extraordinary properties and ushered in the design of gigantic combat walkers capable of challenging the world’s most advanced tanks.


The initial discovery of Vk, which seems only to be found in the most inhospitable places on the planet, is shrouded in rumor and propaganda. One thing is certain: each major superpower wants not only to control Vk, but to deny it to their enemies. Elite troops and massive combat walkers wage violent battles to claim these energy reservoirs... and this is the story of such a battle. 

Dust Tactics Premium Edition is a board game for 2-4 players that arrives on your tabletop with a full set of stunning models that have been professionally painted to an unbelievable level of quality. Set in an alternate 1940s reality where alien technology fuels gigantic machines of war, the forces of the Axis and Allies clash over rare mineral deposits that will inevitably decide the fate of the world!
Dust Tactics Premium Edition is our premium release of the Dust Tactics tactical miniatures board game. Both versions include more than 30 highly detailed miniatures, 9 double-sided boards depicting Antarctic and industrial terrain, 12 custom dice, unit cards, as well as obstacle tiles and plastic scenery elements to use for cover. 
However, the moment you lay eyes upon the contents of the Dust Tactics Premium Edition box, it will be instantly clear why this game is so incredibly special.
While Dust Tactics delivers some of the nicest tabletop miniature quality models that you’ll ever find in a board game, the Dust Tactics Premium Edition is unprecedented in the industry. Every model is a reproduction of Dust Studio’s original, exceptional work. Each figure in the box has been painted to the same level of quality you’ll find pictured on the unit cards, throughout the scenario guide, and in the rulebook.
Dust Tactics Premium Edition is produced at a level of quality that is not feasible for a mass-produced product. A unique production workflow allows this remarkable edition to be painted in small batches to achieve a consistently high-quality result. This not only assures master-quality miniatures in each box, but allows us to initiate additional production runs when there is a demand for it.
At the helm of this astonishing achievement is Vincent Fontaine, a master painter and modeler that has had a number of influential positions in the gaming hobby over the past 15 years. He has worked both as an artist and a lead studio painter, and now brings all his experience to bear as the Art Director at Dust Studio.
Vincent Fontaine and Paolo Parente began their working relationship ten years ago. Their shared vision, demand for quality and consistency of craftsmanship have united both Vincent and Paolo as artists who dedicate themselves to producing the most exceptional products possible.
As Dust Studio’s Art Director, Vincent is responsible for the entire look and feel of the world of Dust Tactics. Through his color choices, texturing techniques, camouflage schemes, and building of model dioramas, Vincent has grown to be invaluable in realizing the visual designs found in Dust Tactics.
He is responsible for painting the master reference samples of every miniature. Once everyone is satisfied with the final product, Vincent then engineers the processes and painting techniques that will result in figures that match the standards that have been set in the original. Of course, this wouldn’t be possible were it not for a very select group of miniature painters.
Six months each year, Vincent works with the members of a studio that is dedicated to painting the Dust Tactics Premium Edition models. He not only personally supervises the work that is done, but he continues to develop and train those painters in order to continually raise the quality of craftsmanship to ever higher standards.
The final results achieved by this unusual hands-on approach are stunning. This is the first time that a hobby gaming company has offered such a high-quality product directly to the players, with master-grade miniatures available out of the box. We hope you have the opportunity to see this remarkable product, and urge you find a way to experience this for yourself!
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