Space Hulk Death Angel

The corridor seemed to be shrinking as the squad pushed forward, forcing the Blood Angels into a single file line. The shadows on the walls clawed at them, beckoning them into the darkness. As they moved away from the door, the sounds of scratching and shrieking faded to silence.

Genestealers have infested a remote Space Hulk called Sin of Damnation and a small squad of Space Marines have been sent to purge this alien threat. The odds are overwhelming and survival is unlikely. It is a job that only Mankind's foremost warriors can approach. 

Enter the Blood Angels

Space Hulk: Death Angel - The Card Game is a cooperative card game set in the grim darkness of Warhammer 40,000. Players must work together as an alien menace threatens to devour their hopes of survival. If all Space Marines perish, the players collectively lose. Likewise, if at least one of the surviving Space Marines completes the objective, the players all win!

Playable in under an hour, Death Angel takes 1-6 players straight into the action. Each player takes control of one or more combat teams. Combat teams are made up of two unique Space Marines, each with his own flavour and style.

Every game is different due to the randomized cards making up the Sin of Damnation; with a vast combination of locations and objectives possible, replayability abounds. To begin the game, players need to create the Location deck. They first select the Setup Location card that matches the appropriate number of players (ensuring a play experience that scales well). This card instructs them how to create the Location deck for the game... the dangerous enemy-infested areas that players must travel through these to reach their ultimate objective.

Location cards will call for certain Terrain cards to be put into play and indicate where they should be placed in the formation. Also, each Location card indicates how many Genestealers will inevitably spawn in that location before the Space Marines can move forward.

Next, players choose which combat team they will play as. Each team has three Action cards associated with it; Support, Attack, and Move + Activate. Only one action card can be played per round, and the same action card can't be played two rounds in a row. This forces players to think ahead when they plan their actions, creating plenty of opportunities for discussion, strategy, and teamwork. For example, in the claustrophobic confines of this Space Hulk, there is only enough room for your team to move single file. Who will take point? Who will cover the rear? Additionally, each Space Marine can only face one direction at a time, so be sure watch your brother's back while he watches yours... the Genestealers can attack at any moment.

Combat in Death Angel is resolved by rolling a die. For each skull rolled, a Genestealer is eliminated. Space Marines can only attack Genestealer swarms that they are facing, and as long as they are within range. This makes the formation of the Space Marines extremely important. If too many players change their facing to the left, their right side is left undefended!

Created by game designer Corey Konieczka, Death Angel combines strategy, teamwork, and tense action into one unique card game. The threat is immediate. Success seems unlikely. Failure is not an option.

Welcome to Death Angel.

New Threats Await

Looking for more challenges? Death Angel Print on Demand expansion packs offer players even more brutal action.

These new Print on Demand expansions are unique, and come in two different types: Mission Packs and Space Marine Packs; each adds to the base game in a different way. Mission Packs provide new Location and Terrain cards, while introducing new challenges for the players. Space Marine Packs expand your pool of available space marines, letting you take on the deadly Genestealers in new ways.

Visit the POD Death Angel Expansion Packs website for more information.

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30 - 60 minutes

1 - 6 players

Ages 13+


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