Colossal Arena

The arena shakes as the creatures are brought forth. Each one a spectacle to behold, the crowd rushes madly to place their bets. Arguments break out as fans tout their favorites, and deride the other monsters. The dragon is always a crowd favorite, but the unicorn has a strong backing, while the titan is a newcomer to the fights, he is still attracting a fair amount of supporters. Which will be standing when the dust clears?

In the Roman arena, powerful warriors fought for the pleasure of spectators. In the colossal arena, mythical monsters fight for your pleasure. In this gambling game by famed designer Riener Knizia, place bets on horrible beasts as they battle to be one of the last four standing. Spread your bets to hedge your risk, or become the backer of your favorite creature and use its powers to sabotage your opponent's bets.A quick game to pick up and play. The subtle depth of Colossal Arena reveals itself with every play. It’s great for groups of players that want a quick to setup and teach game that still offers a wealth of strategic options. A game as comfortable in your family’s closet as on a table at a gaming convention, Colossal Arena is must buy for all gamers!

40 - 60 minutes

2 - 6 players

Ages 8+


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