Cold War: CIA vs KGB

The World is Up for Grabs

The end of World War II has left the world in turmoil. Can you spread your way of life across the globe while preventing the progress of your ideological nemesis?

Cold War: CIA vs KGB is a tense and fast-paced card game that places two players in control of the world’s greatest superpowers in an age of fear. In a covert clash of ideology, politics, guerilla warfare, and dirty tricks, each player must establish the dominance and superiority of his country’s worldview while bringing about his own vision of the future.

The revised edition features clarified rules, more compact components, and a smaller, more portable box (4½” x 4½”, previously used for Hey, That’s my Fish!). With the revised edition of Cold War, pulling the strings of world politics has never been more convenient or affordable!

Spread the Correct Worldview... Yours

"We don't propose to sit here in our rocking chair with our hands folded and let the Communists set up any government in the Western Hemisphere."       –Lyndon Johnson

In Cold War, each player takes on the role of the director of either the CIA or the KGB as they attempt to gain control of various countries (and the victory points listed on their corresponding cards). The VP value of these countries ranges from five to twenty, and the first player to collect 100 points wins. 

To win control of a country, players take turns drawing cards from a shared deck of “Group Cards,” which come in one of four categories: Military, Media, Economy, and Politics. These cards each have a number, and players must keep adding them to their play area until the sum of these numbers equals a value on the contested country, without going over. Although comparable in this regard to Blackjack, Cold War offers a number of additional strategic options. For example, each type of group card has its own special effect, and can be “mobilized” (tipped on its side) in order to execute that effect, including the ability to discard your opponent’s cards and look at the next card in the deck!

Choose the Right Agent for the Job

"In this decades-long conflict, victory will go to the side with the resources, conviction, and commitment necessary to ensure that their worldview shapes the future."       –Winston Churchill

In addition to its fevered race for political control, Cold War: CIA vs KGB offers another layer of intrigue. From round to round, each player chooses an agent to put into play for his side’s cause. Each agent has a special power, so you must guess which agent your opponent will put in play while judiciously choosing your own, creating a tense experience of bluffing and counter-bluffing! For example, the “Master Spy” agent will purposely try to lose the round... because when he loses, he actually gets to claim victory! Is your opponent really having an unlucky round, or does he just want you to think so? Should you throw the round on purpose, or is that exactly what your opponent wants you to do?

Manipulate local factions of influence to get your coup d'état up and running. Double-cross and eliminate your opponent’s leaders. Gain prestige for your side by winning the Space Race, dominating the Olympic Games, or ensuring that one of your countrymen wins the Nobel Peace Prize. This is the Cold War, and in this contest, there’s no silver medal for second place...

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30 - 60 minutes

2+ players

Ages 14+


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