Chaos Marauders

You are the biggest, baddest, toughest orc around. You’ve beaten and maimed everything in your path, and now you stand atop a pile of crushed bones and mauled flesh. As you proudly cast your gaze about, satisfied as you survey the smoking ruin you’ve just inherited, one of your snotling slaves tugs at your cloak. You turn to see the cowardly runt quivering before you and pointing into the distance. “Whut?” you bellow. His voice cracking, the snotling nervously squeaks out a high pitched report. “Lookie Dere!” You smack the slave aside as you squint through the smoke. There, on a distant pile of corpses, you see another orc standing proud above his foes, then another, then another. Even worse, they have treasure that you don’t! There is much beating still to be done.

Chaos Marauders is a fast and frenzied card game of Orcish mayhem for 2-4 players that places you in charge of an orc mob preparing to lay waste to rival mobs! These grunts are boorish, disorganized, and just plain stupid... but they’re the only tribe you’ve got. So grab the whip and get ‘em into shape!

Step one is rounding up your own mob, a ragtag crew of Blightskabb Plague Lords, Venemous Creeps, Suicide Squads, and other faces straight from the Warhammer Fantasy world.

Above: A game of Chaos Marauders in progress.

Each turn you will draw cards to recruit new fighters, construct war machines, and acquire treasure to add to your battle lines. These lines are what will see you to victory or end in crushing defeat; each player may have three of them. Battle lines have to have at least four cards, but can have as many as twelve! Each fighter you discover must be added to one of your three battle lines. War machines, the engines of death and destruction, are made up of multiple pieces and a crew. Once assembled, these mighty engines of devastation – the agile Boneshaker, lumbering Smasher, intimidating Bomber and more – can lay waste to many an opposing mob. Each line must also have a Musician and a Battle Standard to keep the boys in line and get them to go the right direction. Once a line is filled, they rush forth to take treasure and war machines from one of your foes.

Yet you must be wary, for the forces of Chaos are ever present. Once the lines meet in battle, a die is rolled. The eye of an orc means success! You’ll get to take all of the treasure and war machines from the now destroyed mob. The sign of Chaos signals ruinous defeat, as you must fork over all war machines and treasure from your attacking tribe to the target of your ire.

Hidden in the recruitment pile are a multitude of events! These comprise the various hijinks and hilarity that follows an orc tribe. From the danger of skaven warpfire blowing up a battle line to the Sneaky Git hiding in your line, ready to force you to discard your newest recruit, these events keep everyone on their toes.

Once a single tribe has three completed lines, the end is nigh and each tribe will be remembered for the total treasure they amassed. Points are counted up and one tribe stands triumphant, that is until another tribe wants their treasure...

So grab your Bozlum Pigstickers and your Grivziz Dirtballs, and get into the fight!

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30 - 45 minutes

2 - 4 players

Ages 13+


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