Blue Moon Legends

The once proud and strong Blue Moon City has been plunged into chaos. The Golden Dragon has fallen, the Holy Crystal of Psi has shattered, and the old King has drawn his last breath. Worse, Blue Moon, the creator of all things, has vanished and Blue Moon City is left without a ruler.

Now the three elemental dragons, the only divine creatures remaining in the world, guard the fragments of the Crystal. The two royal heirs, Prince Roland and Princess Elinor, vie for the crown. The peoples of Blue Moon City may not know whom to follow, but whoever can rally them and claim the throne will gain the power to restore the Holy Crystal of Psi and perhaps convince Blue Moon himself to return.

Prepare to battle for the throne and restore peace to the city in Blue Moon Legends, a collected version of Blue Moon, Reiner Knizia’s classic card game for two players! In Blue Moon Legends, you will gather the allegiance of one of the peoples of Blue Moon City, and then lead them in a series of fights against another people. By winning these fights, you aim to attract the fickle attentions of the elemental dragons and win your way to the throne of the city.

In Blue Moon Legends, players enjoy all the intensity of the original card game and gain access to every people deck expansion in one box. Your options for play are limitless, but only one player can reign supreme over the city. Prepare for the struggle to begin, and take your place as a legend of Blue Moon City!


Battle to Bring Peace to the City

In every game of Blue Moon Legends, you are fighting to gain the favor of the elemental dragons that guard the fragments of the Holy Crystal. You have the opportunity to show your power and attract the dragons by dominating your opponent in a series of fights. Every turn, you may choose to continue a fight against your opponent by playing a character from your hand, or initiate a fight. All characters have varying amounts of power in two elements—Fire and Earth—and in every fight you’ll battle with one of these two elements.

Before each round begins, you have the opportunity to play powerful leadership cards. These cards represent ancient learning and sorcery that the leader of a people can use to his advantage. This can tip the balance or raise the stakes of the game before a challenge even begins, but they must be used wisely if you wish to win challenges and attract the favor of the elemental dragons.

As a fight continues, you must either bring new characters to the battle every round or retreat and allow your opponent to triumph and steal away the attention of the dragons. As new characters enter the combat area, you can enhance their abilities by playing booster and support cards. Booster cards offer a temporary increase of strength, perhaps giving you the opportunity to develop a crushing amount of power. Support cards, on the other hand, provide a long-term benefit, which lasts throughout the challenge and can severely reduce an opponent’s offensive options.

If you force your opponent to retreat from a challenge, you lure one of the elemental dragons toward your side. If all the dragons support your claim to the throne, you immediately triumph. In every challenge, you must be careful to conserve the power of your cards and wait until the opportune moment to strike

Raise a People Upward

Blue Moon Legends features nine preconstructed decks, each belonging to one of the peoples living in and around Blue Moon City. Every people deck ever released is included in this comprehensive edition of the card game. People decks include the learned Hoax and the fiery Vulca, the two decks included in the original Blue Moon, but other peoples abound. You can lead the sky-faring Flit, and use tricky card effects to derail opponents, or play as the mischievous Khind, and use their gang icons to play multiple characters and overpower an opponent. These are just a few of the many decks available in Blue Moon Legends.

For even more variety, you can customize your own deck with Blue Moon Legends’ deck-building system. You start by selecting one faction to build your deck around, but you can also add powerful cards from other factions to aid in the battle for Blue Moon City. You can modify your deck-building capabilities further with the addition of Emissaries and Inquisitors, and you can radically influence the possibilities of a people by adding strange Mutants, naval Buka families, and more!

As an added bonus to the typical rules of deck-building, Blue Moon Legends offers an option for drafting cards as well, leading to a more competitive and interactive approach to the process of building a deck.

Lead your people to battle, and secure the throne in Blue Moon Legends! By mastering the special benefits of your chosen people and using their abilities to your advantage in fights you can rise over Blue Moon City and establish a new era of peace and prosperity. Gather your allies, prepare for battle, and impress the dragons!

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30+ minutes

2 players

Ages 14+


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