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The Dogwich Legacy

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The fate of Barkham is in your paws.

The fur will fly in The Dogwich Legacy, the first adventure for Barkham Horror: The Card Game! The Order of Dead Rodents on the Doorstep has taken hold of Barkham, tipping the scales in the unseen war that has raged on for centuries. While the struggle is old as time itself, a newly unearthed book, the Necronomicon, has given the Order unnatural abilities—turning select members of their ranks into horrific creatures that now hunt for flesh. Barkham’s only hope is the brave investigators who will tirelessly dig for answers and sniff out the truth. Choose your side, defend Barkham, and hold back the feline forces of evil!

This is not a real product. No copy of any actual game is required to play.

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The Dogwich Legacy

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