Application and Registration

The limited application and registration windows for the 2018 May World Championships are critical both to FFG and players hoping to attend the event. Below you can find general information about our application and registration processes to better understand the overall system.

2018 Details

All Tickets Have Been Claimed

Update — April 23rd, 2018: All tickets for the 2018 May World Championships have been claimed.

Worlds Application Timeline

  • February 5 — Applications open.
  • February 20 — 11:59 PM CST. General application closes.
  • February 23 — Invitations sent to players drawn from general application. Invitations sent to reserved seat holders who submitted an application on or before Feburary 20th.
  • March 4 — 11:59 PM CST. Purchase deadline for general applicants with invitations.
  • March 26 — 11:59 PM CST. Application closes for reserved seats.
  • March 29 — Invitations sent to reserved seat holders who applied after February 20th. Access codes sent to general registration applicants for games with remaining seats.
  • March 30 — NOON CST. Press applications due.
  • March 31 — NOON CST. General applicants may redeem their invitations on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • April 10 — NOON CST. Any remaning tickets are made available to the public.

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Important Notes

  • All applications must be submitted and received through the forms we provide.
  • Limit 1 application per person.
  • When you apply for a game with multiple Day 1 events, you are not applying for a specific day. Your day will be assigned. Your application for other games will not be taken into consideration.
  • You may swap your event ticket for Day 1 of an event with another player's ticket for a different Day 1 of the same event. You are responsible for finding another player to swap with. (We recommend the 2018 May World Championships Ticket Swap community forums.) Both members of a swap must fill out the appropriate form (, and all exchanges must be submitted by both players by April 17th at 11:59 PM CST.
  • After all ticket swaps are processed, players who swapped tickets will be contacted if they still hold tickets for multiple events on the same day. Players will be asked to indicate which ticket will be cancelled and refunded.
  • You may not exchange the event ticket for one game for the event ticket for another game.
  • There is no charge to apply and no obligation to make a purchase. Your application does not guarantee you the opportunity to purchase one or more open seats for the 2018 May World Championships.
  • The number and percentage of applicants selected will be determined based on availability.
  • Application acceptance and reserved seats are specific to their game (and day).
  • Purchases not completed by listed deadlines will void acceptance or reservation.
  • Tickets are non-refundable. All seats purchased are subject to the Code of Conduct and venue policies, which may be amended at the sole discretion of Fantasy Flight Games at any time.
  • Please provide an accurate email address, and be sure to check spam folders and filters for emails before contacting with any questions.


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