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On this page, you should find all the information and assets that you need to get started with KeyForge Organized Play and run high-quality events that excite your local player community.

Our goal is to help you build your KeyForge community into the biggest, best, and most enthusiastic gaming community possible!

What Is KeyForge?

KeyForge is the first game of its kind—the unique deck game. Designed by Richard Garfield, the creator of Magic: The Gathering, KeyForge is a game in which no two decks are exactly alike.

Like other competitive card games, KeyForge features an array of creatures that can battle each other or gain the Æmber that players need to forge keys and win the game. These creatures come with defined combat strengths and unique game effects, and each belongs to one of the game's seven Great Houses, each of which boasts its own flavor.

Unlike other competitive card games, KeyForge features no deckbuilding. Instead, all of the game's decks are computer generated according to an algorithm that ensures playability, and each new deck is checked against the database of all existing decks to ensure that it is completely unique. Players collect and trade decks in order to find the combination of Houses, creatures, and other cards that they desire.

Additionally, because no two decks are the same, KeyForge demands an entirely new understanding of the metagame. Players cannot copy successful deck lists. They need to explore the strengths and weaknesses of their own decks through play. As a result, tournament play never suffers from the dominance of certain decks at the top of a wider meta, and players are encouraged to try new decks on a regular basis.

Getting Started

To get started with KeyForge Organized Play, contact your Asmodee distributor.

Events and Kits

In-store events are the heart and soul of KeyForge Organized Play. The events you run in your store offer players opportunities and incentive to use their decks and to experiment with new decks and new ways to play.

You can support your events with Organized Play kits that we offer on a regular basis, or you can simply use product from your shelves as rewards for successful participation.

Organized Play kits come with custom game components and other prizes designed to support a specific number of players in a specific style of event. You can learn about the game's Organized Play kits by following the KeyForge Organized Play newsfeed, and by contacting your local Asmodee distributor.

There are two formats for the game's events and numerous variants. Most events can be run with the format and variant (if any) of your choice. Events with prescribed formats and variants will come with Event Outlines that detail how you can successfully run the event. For more information about the game's various formats and variants, see Page 6 of the Brochure available for download in the Assets section below.

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