The 2018 May World Championships

Make Your Plans to Join Us May 2nd – 6th

You Can Either Profit By This…

Why You Should Join the Imperial Assault Regional Championship Nearest You

Devious Schemes: Success in Skirmish

Two-Time World Champion Daniel Taylor on Your Setup Choices

See the Action From Anywhere

Watch the 2017 World Championships Live

5 April 2017 | Organized Play

Sneak Peek at Prizes

For the 2017 European Championships

2017 May World Champs Registration

Everything You Need to Know for Registration on March 14th

2017 May World Champs Early Registration

Champions Must Claim Reserved Seats By February 28th

19 January 2017 | Organized Play

2017 US Nationals at the NOVA Open

For Our Competitive Star Wars™ Games

As You Wish

Zach Bunn on the Mercenary Faction of Imperial Assault

21 September 2016 | Star Wars: Imperial Assault

It Is the Future You See

Zach Bunn on the Rebel Faction of Imperial Assault

You Will Pay for Your Lack of Vision

Zach Bunn on the Imperial Faction of Imperial Assault

New Orders from High Command

An Update to the Imperial Assault Skirmish Rules

New Tactics for the Rebel Alliance

An Imperial Assault Skirmish Game Strategy Article

The Force Will Be With You

Celebrate May the 4th at the Fantasy Flight Games Center

The Power of Activations

An Imperial Assault Guest Article by Zach Bunn

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