29 May 2015 | Relic

Enter the Sol System

Relic: Halls of Terra Is Now Available

5 May 2015 | Relic

For the Emperor or for Chaos

Preview the Characters and Nemesis of Relic: Halls of Terra

14 April 2015 | Relic

Cunning and Corruption

Preview the Threats and Scenarios of Relic: Halls of Terra

2 April 2015 | Relic

The Heart of the Imperium

Preview the Sol System and Affiliations in Relic: Halls of Terra

2 February 2015 | Relic

Halls of Terra

Announcing a New Expansion for Relic

Archive  7 November 2014 | Relic

About Relic: Nemesis

Learn more about this expansion for Relic

9 May 2014 | Relic

Nemeses Arrive in the Antian Sector

Relic: Nemesis is Now Available

1 May 2014 | Relic

The Berserker and the Broodlord

A Preview of Relic: Nemesis

20 February 2014 | Relic

Enemies of the Imperium

A Preview of Relic: Nemesis

22 January 2014 | Relic


Announcing an Expansion for Relic

21 March 2013 | Relic

Your Epic Adventure Begins

Relic, a Warhammer 40,000 Adventure Board Game, Is Now Available!

1 March 2013 | Relic

Prove Your Worth to the Imperium

A Preview of Missions, Relics, and Scenarios in Relic

21 February 2013 | Relic

The Consequences of Chaos

A Preview of the Corruption Cards in Relic

31 January 2013 | Relic

Battling the Threats of the Antian Sector

Combat and Character Development in Relic

25 January 2013 | Relic

Wargear and Power Cards

Arm Your Hero For the Antian Sector in this Preview for Relic

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